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A Pupcake, Some "Chocolate" Bunnies, and a Whole Lot of Easter Fun!

Wolf and Bandit spy the "goodies! " We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter this past Sunday! Ours here was quiet and spent with our immediate family and the Sibe kids, of course! We did have to delay their celebration for a couple days as our girl Bandit, who never gets sick, suddenly came down with a tummy bug and was sick most of Easter afternoon and night and into the next day. After a couple days of rest, she is thankfully back to her normal self and back on food, so we were able to do some belated celebrating together as a pack family! They were a very happy, excited bunch of Huskies when they discovered it included treats and toys! Two magical words our Siberian Huskies love to hear! For starters, our FiveSibes were treated to a delicious custom-made and decorated Pumpkin Applesauce "Pupcake" and some pumpkin and peanut butter holiday cutout cookies from Sassy's Goodies in Springfield, Missouri. The Pupcake, according to Nanette ( Sassy's Go