Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Pupcake, Some "Chocolate" Bunnies, and a Whole Lot of Easter Fun!

Wolf and Bandit spy the "goodies!"
We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter this past Sunday! Ours here was quiet and spent with our immediate family and the Sibe kids, of course! We did have to delay their celebration for a couple days as our girl Bandit, who never gets sick, suddenly came down with a tummy bug and was sick most of Easter afternoon and night and into the next day. After a couple days of rest, she is thankfully back to her normal self and back on food, so we were able to do some belated celebrating together as a pack family! They were a very happy, excited bunch of Huskies when they discovered it included treats and toys! Two magical words our Siberian Huskies love to hear!

For starters, our FiveSibes were treated to a delicious custom-made and decorated Pumpkin Applesauce "Pupcake" and some pumpkin and peanut butter holiday cutout cookies from Sassy's Goodies in Springfield, Missouri. The Pupcake, according to Nanette (Sassy's Goodies owner, baker, and U.S. military wife), is made with "oat flour, oat bran, pumpkin, applesauce, olive oil, honey, egg, cinnamon, vanilla, baking soda, baking powder, and love!" 

Harley is ready for some of Sassy's Goodies!

A Siberian Husky mom of two, Sassy and Bentley, Nanette says, "Our treats are all natural with the freshest ingredients possible. They contain no wheat, corn, salt, sugar or additives. We use the freshest home grown ingredients for the best taste for your pet at affordable prices." 

Having an Epi-dog (canine epileptic) who is on Potassium
Bandit and Gibson checking out their cake!
Bromide, it is imperative to watch the salt intake, so it's great that these Sassy's Goodies Pupcakes never contain any! Plus, it's made with all fresh ingredients that we can even eat it! So our FiveSibes can have their cake and eat it, too!

"Nom-nom-nommmmmm...this is delish!!!"
You can read more about Sassy's Goodies on a previous blog post HERE, or visit the "always open" web store, or pop over to their Facebook page to see what's cookin'!

Just recently, Nanette and Sassy's Goodies was recently featured on TV's KOLR10 News when they celebrated Griffey the Weather Dog's first birthday with a Sassy's Goodies cake, made just like our Easter cake!

"Woo...gluten-free cookies? Yumm!" says Gibson.

"Woo! Cookies, too?!"
Well, our FiveSibes certainly loved the Easter egg-shaped Pupcake! Sassy's Goodies features these Pupcakes, along with their cookie cutouts for lucky pups. The cake is baked, frosted, then it is personalized, then wrapped and shipped Priority mail. As soon as the cake is received, it is placed in the freezer until ready to serve. It's also great crumbled and added to their breakfast of kibble, yogurt, and coconut oil! Yum! Can you say "clean bowls?!" And then there were the bunny and Easter egg dog cookies...nom, nom, nom!

"Okay, Mom, can we have it now please?!"
Chloe sure enjoyed the pupcake and cookies!

Then they opened up a fun package from their "auntie" Holly and her Huskies! Gibson claimed the purple stuffie and egg for himself, naturally! (Purple for Canine Epilepsy awareness). Check out these adorable hand-painted eggs from Holly, one for each Sibe! Just love them!

I believe the Huskies know when a package arrives for them as they sniff it out as soon as we bring it in! They know the package is going to be fun and all theirs! 

Thanks so much, Holly and the Huskies!

Then they had some chocolate bunnies....


Not real ones, of course, as we know chocolate is toxic for dogs. They got to enjoy canine fun squeaky fuzzy "chocolate" bunnies! Aren't they cute?! They came from  PetSmart®, of course!

"Woo...bet Mom had  you going there for a minute! No worries, they are stuffies!" assures Chloe!
 Looking for a fun spring toy for your furkids like our "chocolate" bunnies? Shop at PetSmart®, where we are a proud affiliate! 
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  1. What a great EASTER you guys had. Happy Belated Easter from my house to yours!

    1. Thank you! We hope you guys had a wonderful Easter, too!

  2. Now that's a whole big bunch of yummy fun!

  3. Yum, that's what we say to that pupcake!! So happy to hear that Bandit is better. The canine flu epidemic in Chicago is scary. Mom is glad that our vet encourages her to get us the canine influenza innoculation every year.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  4. We are coming to your house next year
    Lily & Edward

  5. I'm confused. Is it Easter or Christmas at your house? Geeze! What a lot of treats and prezies!lucky dogs! I'm NOT showing Juno or Loki about your awesome Easter baskets! No way!