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Puppies Are Not Toys! And An ASPCA Holiday Gift Pack Giveaway!

Thanks, Free Spirit Siberian Husky Rescue for this message.

This holiday season, we are joining in the effort to educate folks on not getting puppies or dogs for a Christmas present unless they've fully done their homework on the breed...and not to buy one from a pet store (and not to support puppy mills). Please take a few minutes to take the ASPCA's "No Pet Store Puppies" pledge and share with others in case they are not aware. If  you know of someone who is not aware of what puppy mills are, have them check out the Humane Society of America's website. A puppy mill is no life for a dog. If we all join together to reinforce the information that too many puppies are given for gifts for the "awwww" factor, then are sadly dumped or abandoned soon after the last of the decorations are packed away, then maybe we can save a life. If you know of someone who is thinking about giving a child a puppy this holiday season, please consider sharing information and links on the breed with them. Puppies and dogs should be members of a family for life...not just for the holidays. If you know of someone who has been seriously thinking about welcoming a dog into their family, but are not 100% positive, why not suggest  they foster one from a local shelter or rescue. They will be giving that dog some special time and attention with a family, and it can help the decision of if a dog is right for them...and they could fall in love with the rescue furbaby! Oh, what a happy ending story that would be!

Please be sure to pass along Dogster's "A Puppy is not a Present" awareness campaign. Folks can check out their website HERE. And, according to Dogster,  "A Puppy should never be:
1. A novelty item.

2. A stuffed toy.

3. An imposition.

4. An impulse buy.

To be clear: We are not opposed to you adding a dog to the family during the holiday season if the addition is one planned far in advance. We only ask that you make an informed decision and not a knee-jerk one that is bad for everyone down the line. This time of year is notorious for last-minute impulse buys, so I hope you understand the concern."

Thank you, Dogster, for your awareness campaign and this photo!
So many people fall in love with the Siberian Husky for their beauty, but they do not realize they are high energy, heavy shedders, can be very destructive, and some are great howlers. If someone does not have the room or patience for these types of traits, a Husky is NOT for them, no matter how beautiful or cute the Husky  may be as a puppy. No matter which breed it is, everyone loves a puppy, but puppies are baby dogs and they turn into adult dogs. They teethe. They chew up things. They cry. They make a mess. They need attention, care, training, and love. They are a lifetime commitment that will bring you more joy and happiness than you can even imagine...and they will love you and be devoted to you for the rest of their lives. So they deserve the very same!

  "According to newly released poll, Americans plan to spend more than $2.5 billion on pets over the holidays this year. Unfortunately, 59% of pet gift shoppers would consider shopping at a store that also sells puppies—meaning some of that $2.5 billion in revenue may be supporting the puppy mill industry.  The ASPCA is aiming to reduce this high percentage of potential shoppers by encouraging them not to shop for gifts at stores that sell puppies. As an alternative, shoppers may consider giving gifts that make a difference in the lives of animals in need, such as those from our online store." ~ Olivia Melikhov, Social Media Manager for the ASPCA

"Puppies are Not Toys!" ~ASPCA

And don't forget to check out the ASPCA Online Store for some great gift ideas! 

Let's all work together to ensure that all animals have not just a very happy Holiday season, but a happy full life, too! Together, through education and awareness, we can work together to stop this epidemic of homeless pets. My Christmas wish is that one day soon no dog or animal will be ever discarded and that all pets will one day have a forever home.

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  1. Thank you for spreading this message - ever so important this time of year.