Wednesday, October 29, 2014

From Feral to Family...Happy National Cat Day!

Our sweet Binx was a starving, feral cat who was wandering the neighborhood. This beautiful tuxedo kitten was afraid of everyone and everything. Then he met my daughter. Binx has now been adopted into our family, has been vetted, neutered, and is a real love bug. Gibson and Wolf love to watch Binx slink across the yard and stalk them. Binx loves to walk the fence in the backyard and meow to torment the Huskies! He will also sit by the family room window and rub and meow as Chloe and Bandit sit on the loveseat and watch...and watch...and watch! Harley, she will cautiously keep an eye on Binx, but so far, Binx knows just how far he can go!

Binx was originally brought to our doorstep by our furangel, Smokie, who also was abandoned and starving until she strolled across our lawn and met my daughter. After a can of salmon and lots of petting, Smokie decided she liked our family and would allow us to include her. Smokie was with us for five wonderful years. She brought home Binx one day, and the two of them would play, fight, and sleep together. Sadly, we lost our Smokie when she was hit by a car two years ago. We miss her to this day. And sometimes, we can see some of Smokie's habits in Binx, the little starving kitten she brought home three years ago. We commissioned a portrait of angel Smokie and Binx beautifully done by artist Cameo Anderson (bottom right picture in above collage) to remember our two dear copycats who were always together.

Binx has gone from that frightened, very wild young cat (and our vet did expressively state to be very careful around a wild cat) to a beautiful, silly, loveable character who, while he still does not like to be picked up, loves to rub on legs, jump on laps and into open car windows to make himself at home on  your lap or just happy to stroll around the car. He also loves to give kisses. He will let you put him in a crate to transport to the vet (but you better do it quick since he hates being picked up!) All as a result of hours and hours of love, pets, treats, and reassurance from his new mommy, my daughter. So the next time you see a feral cat in the neighborhood, he could just turn out to be a love bug like Binx.



  1. That was a great post gang and Binx, you are a special one!

  2. Happy National Cat Day to Binx - you got yourself a great home.

    We are loving that Halloween header!!!

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. What a wonderful story!!!
    So great to learn more about the kitties!
    Oh and BTW I LOVE your Halloween header\!!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!