#FlashbackFriday: Which Cookbook, Bandit?


#FiveSibes Flashback Photo Meme ~ Bandit 
When I came across this photo, it made me chuckle. My cookbook shelf was situated in my kitchen nook, the FiveSibes' favorite room to snooze in. Gibson would take his spot under th window, Wolfie in front of the table, Harley would select which spot under one of of the benches was her on that particular day, and Pupster sisters Chloe and Bandit would race in and slide under the table to choose their spots. One of the favorite things for Gibson and Bandit, was that cookbook unit. My best guess it was because they simply smelled good from all the years of powder and sugar or frosting-coated fingers handling the pages while whipp9ing up a recipe. Or...maybe they were really seeking out that one Garden book so they could learn more about where to dig? 

"Each happiness of yesterday is a memory for tomorrow." ~Unknown

Whatever the attraction, the cookbook shelf pics always made me laugh, whether it was Gibson pulling out the books from the shelf (and chewing on them, but that's a #FBF for another day), or like Bandit pictured above, looking like she was seriously considering reading one of them! Once again, I'm caught in a time warp—feeling like they are still here and I can just open my eyes and see this very vision, and knowing that to do that is now impossible. I guess this is why I love Flashback Fridays so much and continue them, for these precious memories bring back all the joy, love, and laughs shared during that wonderful time with my Fabulous FiveSibes. And isn't that joy exactly what sharing our lives with our pets are all about?

  💛Memories are visits for the heart 💛


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  1. That's such a cute flashback, we've got lots of cookbooks here too!

  2. What an absolutely fabulous photo! Maybe he was making a suggestion for what he wanted you to make? I just LOVE your #FlashBackFriday photos! I really do need to up my photo taking game of Henry.

  3. Aww, what a sweet, sweet (no pun intended LOL) memory! I just love how close your Sibes were, we've actually never had that for Icy. She always co-existed well with other dogs and our cat, but never became really close with them. This photo is so adorable.

  4. I so love your Flashback Fridays as those memories bring a smile to my face as your Sibes were so special and unique each with his or her own personality, thank you so much for sharing and the photo is adorable

  5. I always love seeing your Flashback Fridays! I enjoyed reading your theories about why Gibson and Bandit were so interested in the book unit!


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