A Book Signing With Buddy, the Christmas Husky on a #FlashbackFriday


 Flashback ~ August 12, 2016 ~ FiveSibesMom Meeting Buddy, the Christmas Husky for a special Buddy, the Christmas Husky~A True Holiday Miracle Book Signing!
Woo! Six years ago today was one of the most fun days as an author I ever had! It was when sweet beautiful Buddy, the Christmas Husky traveled north from Georgia to Upstate New York (with stops in between to meet some special Team Buddy friends along the way) to be the very special guest at my book signing meet-and-greet event for my book all about him! Buddy was the sweetest boy, and I am so thrilled to have received some coveted Buddy kisses upon meeting him! I mean, it's an author's dream to meet their book's "hero" and spend the afternoon with him!
The fun graphic I designed of travellin' Buddy!
To think of how he was once found, abandoned and abused, then rescued from wandering along a road on a snowy Christmas Day by a Good Samaritan named Geneva, and then forever fostered by Mama Shay and loved by so many for the rest of his life--is just an amazing story, and what rescue is all about. His is a story for all time, and I'm so proud that I was able to write his story, not only in my book, but also follow-up articles in AmericanPet Magazine and Hudson Valley Paw Print, and had Mama Shay on my show "The Sibe Vibe!" Buddy was, and still is, a star--one that truly shined a light on rescuing a dog in need. 

Front cover of Buddy book!

Illustration for the back cover of my Buddy book titled "Traffic Street" by artist Barbara K. Slocum that depicted the busy snowy street Buddy was found on, was on display at an art exhibit in Poughkeepsie, NY!
My Buddy articles in magazines!

Although the day of the book signing and meet-and-greet in New Paltz, NY was the hottest day on record for the area in years (it hit 104℉), we had such a wonderful day. Mama Shay along with Buddy's traveling furpal Nala and her new adoptive hu-mom Sue, joined us for a fun Husky-filled day!  So many people, including some dear friends and members of Team Buddy, traveled far and wide to come meet this wonderful Husky and buy some of my books! Husky House Siberian Husky & Fellow K-9 Rescue in New Jersey came and it was so great to meet them and to this day call friends! And, one gal, Holly, whom I'm still great friends with to this day, made the 10-hour round trip with her dad and two of her Huskies to come meet Buddy, Mama Shay, and (cheesy grin) me! The gracious and very Husky-accommodating host for this event was Matthew Sweeney, owner of The Parish restaurant in the Water Street Market area of New Paltz, NY with a dog-friendly patio that overlooks the scenic mountains of the Shawangunk Ridge (a/k/a "The Gunks"). Matthew supplied fresh cool water for the huskeroos all day, and when the mercury was soaring, he even invited them in to his air conditioned restaurant, where they quite literally chilled out on the cool tile floor!

Chillin' Huskies: Back to Front: Nala, Buddy, Chip, and Bree!
After a hot afternoon of starring at a book signing, these Huskies were treated to some nice air conditioned space, and lots of hugs from guests!
The Adventures of Buddy & Nala
❤️ Buddy knew he was a star! ❤️

Afterwards, Buddy, Nala, Chip, and Bree visited the Paws of Distinction Pet Store whose owners catered dog treats for the event. The Huskies were greeted with more hugs and they all sniffed out some wonderful treats!

Check out this video from this (p)awesome day!


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Roo-Roo! You'll love my book!

Buddy, I was so happy to have met you. 
You are missed very much,
and never forgotten.
 ♥︎ Memories are Visits for the Heart ♥︎

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Happy Friday! 



  1. What an epic flashback and such a supurr book!

  2. Love Flashback Friday. So many posts with wonderful tributes to their babies.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥

  3. That was a really fun flashback!

  4. This story and video brought tears to my eyes. Thank goodness for all of you. Even at my age, I can't understand the evil in this world. We need more people like you.

  5. What a beautiful fun memory / flashback, thank you for sharing this wonderful

  6. Such a beautiful story and a great idea to have a book about Buddy and his journey. I can't believe people passed by Buddy. What a strong and sweet soul! I still will never understand how anyone can abuse an animal or child. It truly boggles my mind. I'm sharing this will all my dog loving friends!

  7. What a lovely memory. Buddy is adorable. I'll check out the book!

  8. Oh what a lovely book and what a sweet memory. I absolutely love the Sibes book I got for my mum, I know you must miss all of your dogs, they had huge personalities and there is so much love. Buddy's photo make me really smile!

  9. This is such a wonderful memory and time - I’m so glad you scared so I can enjoy this moment second-hand with you! ❤️

  10. They are never forgotten. I love your memory photos.

  11. What a wonderful look back about Buddy and all he was able to do! And thanks for stopping by our blog to say hello.


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