Author and Siberian Husky Trainier and Behaviorist Louise Basson Talks Winter Dogs and Positive Reinforcement Training & a Giveaway!

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Living with Siberian Huskies is in a word...amazing. They make wonderful pets, are full of love, and have some pretty funny antics they share with us. They are exceptionally smart (sometimes too smart as they can outwit their humans at times), and are very social. They love belly rubs, snuggling, howling, and talking up a storm. Sometimes, they can also be a challenge, and first-time Husky parents need to be aware of those challenges and prepare, accept, and seriously know how to keep their Husky safe because under all that furry beauty, they can be destructive, are stubborn, shed like you've never seen shedding before, and are amazing escape artists who can rival the talents of Houdini. When raising a Husky pup, or rehabilitating a rescued Husky, there are many training and behavior questions that pop into mind. 
  • How do you train a Husky or any dog to give up being toy obsessive?
  • Is it possible to teach a Siberian Husky recall?
  • How successful is clicker training?
  • How long to rehabilitate a rescue Husky who has been neglected or has behavioral issues?
  • What is the difference between a Siberian and an Alaskan Husky? 
  • How do you prepare a Siberian Husky household for the arrival of a new baby? 
  • Did you know that sled dog racing occurs in South Africa?
Gibson loves being a Winter Dog!
All of these, and many more questions are answered by our recent "The Sibe Vibe" Dog Works Radio Show guest, author and Siberian Husky trainer and behavior expert Louise Basson of the Dog Care Centre in Cape Town, South Africa who specializes in clicker and positive reinforcement training methods. During our one hour show, Louise shared many tips with listeners that she talks about in both of her wonderful books that are chock full of training tips and full color photos, Winter Dogs: Living With Huskies as Pet Dogs and Shaping Your Dog the Positive Way

Louise – who says she is owned by four Huskies, a Labrador, and horse -  is also a Husky rescuer, and musher. She completed the Dog Behaviour Course from the Ethology Academy recommended by the South African Board for Companion Animal Professionals , of which she is a professional member, and the Animal Behaviour Consultants of South Africa. She has completed practical work with Gill Painter, a well-known Animal Behaviour consultant and trainer of the industry. 

Wolf agrees that Siberian Huskies make great pets!

Louise credits her mentor, Kirsten Frisch, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer from America, with teaching her alot. And she has done practical training with Kirsten at Buddy's Chance LLC in Texas, as well as attended a nose work class and a workshop in reactive dogs at the training centre in Austin, Texas. 

Louise is currently busy with the Professional Dog Trainers course of Raising Canine LLC of the USA, and is the liaison for Raising Canine LLC in South Africa for professional dog trainers and behaviour consultants.

Author/Siberian Husky Trainer Louise Basson and Friend
While Louise specializes in Siberian Huskies, she does also work with other breeds, as well as horses. She owns and runs a successful positive reinforcement training facility in Cape Town, South Africa, as well as a dog day care and boarding kennels, and a dog shop with imported and local goods. In 2007, she began mushing, and in 2009 she and her husband started the All Breeds Sledding club after visiting friends in Fairbanks, Alaska and learning more about the dog-powered sport.
Louise is also a Freelance writer for Animal Talk Magazine, and is involved with Husky Rescue S. A. and MUSH with P.R.I.D.E. She and her husband share their home and Huskies with a baby boy named Logan. You can read more about Louise, her dog center, her Huskies, and her books on her website at

 Check out our "The Sibe Vibe" show here and get some great training tips from Louise!

Bandit is learning some great tips!
Please be sure to check out Louise's Winter Dogs Facebook page, too, where she's running a competition for a chance to win one of her terrific books! Just listen to the show, then send her an Email at to "...answer a simple question from the show..." for your chance to win a copy of either Winter Dogs: Living With Huskies as Pet Dogs or Shaping Your Dog the Positive Way! Be sure to let her know the FiveSibes sent you her way...and good luck! And, if you aren't the lucky winner, you can purchase both of Louise's books from Either way, both of these books are a great informative addition to your pet care library!


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