Puppy Bowl Sunday! Go Team Suri the Sibe!

Bandit and Wolf were excited to see Suri on the TV!

We had a fun day here just relaxing and watching the Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl X...but what made it extra special was that a very special little furfriend - a Siberian Husky puppy named "Suri" (check out her Little Miss Suri Facebook page and be sure to tell her the FiveSibes sent you over!) 

Little Miss Suri's professional Puppy Bowl X portrait!

Suri traveled all the way from Iowa to New York City to audition and not only was she selected, she was in the starting lineup! It was all very exciting! She was also featured on Fox News, along with her daddy photographer Carl Bromberg, who volunteers at the Last Hope Animal Rescue in Iowa. Click HERE for the link to the news broadcast where they talk about "viewing parties" that were hosted in order to raise donations for rescue dogs. The Puppy Bowl also shines the light on puppies and dogs who need homes and looking to be adopted into forever families.

Harley was into the game!
Today's Puppy Bowl kicked off with a warm welcome from First Lady Obama and the National Anthem along with some very special guests - police responder K9 officers and the First Dogs of the White House. What a great start to a pawsome Puppy Bowl game! Be sure to check it out on Animal Planet HERE.

Beautiful Suri commanded attention from the second she trotted out on the field with those captivating blue Husky eyes! My FiveSibes were all ready to woo for their little friend and fellow Sibe during the game, and there were some howls and woos, too!

"Cheerleaders" Gibson & Chloe rooting for Suri!

If you didn't get a chance to catch the game, check your TV guide listing for On Demand repeat showing, and check out some highlights over on the Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl website! Way too much fun and adorable overload to miss, especially Little Miss Suri!

Go Team Suri the Sibe! Congratulations on a great game! 

Let the the After-Party begin! 
(Flashback to last year's couch hoppin', stuffie rippin', toy rippin' celebratory fun!)

Gibson sums it all up!


  1. Go Go Suri! :)

    The Puppy Bowl is the best! Hope they find their forever homes soon. (I bet they will) :)

  2. Ah so sad that I couldnt watch it!!! I dont get the channel it was playing on, but I am going to head over to catch some highlights right now. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!
    ((husky hugz frum da pack))

    (Love is being owned by a husky)


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