Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It's Tasty Tuesday! The FiveSibes Taste Test House Wolf K-9 Biscuits and We're Hosting A Tasty Giveaway for Sibe Rescues!

No one gets between Wolf & his House Wolf biscuits!

Recently, we discovered the House Wolf K-9 Dog Biscuits. These are healthy homemade dog treats made in Vermont, USA. They are baked by the owners of the Edelweiss Bakery and Cafe, and were inspired by the family's three Siberian Huskies, "Sasha," "Dakota," and "Kayak" to make their own biscuits. 

They state, "We were concerned about what they didn't need in their diets so we researched a more holistic approach to their feeding.  The Wolf came to mind and being our K-9 friends are not to far removed from the Wolf, we research on how they lived and ate in the wild.  Our three didn't need artificial food colorings, preservatives and starches and syrups (sweeteners) nor did they need Humectant and Plasticizer so their biscuits and treats maintained dampness and flexibility.  This is where we developed a biscuit for the three of them that had a much more healthier approach."

Woo! We smell...treats!!!!
First, let me just say that the second the package of biscuits arrived from the bakery, my Sibe kids were all over it! Then when I removed the bags of biscuits from the box, all I can say is they were so excited they were wooing and pawing at the bags. One of my Sibes managed to get one bag opened within seconds and immediately chowed down a biscuit and came back wooing for more. After reading the ingredients, it's no wonder - it's a Husky's dream menu! 

"Mail for us and we can eat it!!!"

According to their website, House Wolf states, "We only use the best of ingredients that are all natural and organic. Honey, Molasses, Apples, Carrots, Sweet Potato, Salmon, Chicken. Organic Brown Rice Flour, Oatmeal and Garbanzo Flour, Soy Flour, All Natural Peanut Butter, and will be adding other ingredient products as we develop our biscuits. NO SALT, EVER ADDED." No wonder the Sibes go wild over these treats! And the best part? It's made by USA bakers, so with all the recent pet food and treat recalls, and the scares of treats being made in China, it's nice to have a hometown baking family of Sibe lovers making the treats. And if you want to whip up your own homemade treats, as many of us do, House Wolf is pretty awesome about sharing great recipes, many of them gluten-free for the delicate canine stomach. And you know what else is pretty cool? They share some of their recipes on their House Wolf K-9 Dog Biscuits Facebook page, as well as on our FiveSibes: Siberian Husky K9 News & Reviews Facebook page. (We are an open community page, so even if you don't have a Facebook account, you can come visit our page and read all the recipes, info, Sibe photos, and videos there).

Here's one example of the scrumptious recipes from the kitchen of those fabulous Vermont House Wolf 
K-9 Dog Biscuits bakers!

I can't say which was my FiveSibes' favorite, but I can say that we are already down one bag and half way through another! I even use a meat mallet to smash them up and sprinkle over their morning yogurt and kibble and when I do, their breakfast dishes are cleaned!

I had planned on videotaping them longer than the following clip because words just can't describe just how excited they get...except steadying a video camera in one hand, hanging on to the much desired biscuits in another, and holding off five very happy and enthusiastic Huskies was a bit too steep of a task, even for me! So, here is a snippet of what I managed to get, but it's enough to see there are no bored noses here!

Chloe, Gibson, and Bandit just can't get enough!

Yes, you can see the excitement in their eyes for these biscuits! They now even know the sound of the cellophane bag and start wooing, dancing, and waiting for their snack!

One other note: With Gibson being an Epi-Husky, it's extremely important that his food and treats do not contain salt (one of his Epi-meds is Potassium Bromide) and are natural. All dogs should not have salt or artificial ingredients, but it's extra important to those who have medical issues. House Wolf K-9 Dog Biscuits are a perfect choice.

Harley joins in for some nom...nom...nommmmms...

House Wolf also does many fundraising events, too, to help out homeless pets. "We donate to Patriot Siberian Husky Rescue of New England, Texas Husky Rescue, and Free Spirit Siberian Husky Rescue, and have made a biscuit in each of their namesakes. Every time someone orders their particular biscuit, we donate $1.00 to their rescue." House Wolf also holds yard sales and raffles and have donated the proceeds to shelters and rescues." 

* Special  Giveaway! *

For Siberian Husky Rescues 
Enter Now! *

We are also very excited to announce a House Wolf K-9 Dog Biscuits Giveaway! Wooo! This giveaway is just for our furpals living in non-profit Siberian Husky rescues. So, if you volunteer or are a member or friend of a Siberian Husky non-profit rescue, be sure to enter this Rafflecopter giveaway and next Tuesday we will announce one lucky random rescue winner who will receive this scrumptious trio assortment of House Wolf's fabulous (and very addicting) biscuits! The prize assortment pack is a howling good one! House Wolf has put together one bag of Peanut Butter Apple (blend made for Texas Husky Rescue), one bag of Call of the Wild (blend made for Free Spirit Siberian Husky Rescue), and Carrot Oatmeal, Paw-nut Butter Growlnola Bark Bars & Fish Sticks (blend made for Patriot Siberian Husky Rescue). Can you say "yum?!"

One lucky Siberian Husky Rescue 
will win these! Enter below! 
Next Tuesday we will announce the one random lucky Husky rescue winner! A big round of a-paws to House Wolf for this great prize!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

House Wolf K-9 Dog Biscuits gets a firm - and very enthusiastic  - Four Paws Up!

When you order from House Wolf K-9 Dog Biscuits, or visit their Facebook page, let them know the FiveSibes sent you!

"Wooo...more, please?"

Thanks to Tasty Tuesday's hosts Sugar the Golden Retriever and Kol's Notes! Please be sure to visit their blogs, as well as the others listed below for lots of tasty recipes and food tips!


  1. Woof! Woof! Large DELISH Cookies. LOVE the ingredients. It is important to have healthy natural ingredients. Happy Tasty Tuesday. Enjoy your Treats. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

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    Benny & Lily


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    I vote for Tails of the Tundra Siberian Husky Rescue (TOTTSHR)!!

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