The Benefits of Cucumbers for Dogs

Last summer, we grew our own cucumbers in the backyard of our new place. Now, I love cucumbers, but did you know dogs love them, too? And they are actually good for them and can help hydrate on hot days? (Always keep fresh water available for your pet. Cucumbers are not meant to replace water, but are a good source of additional hydration). With the hot dog days of summer upon us here, I thought it would be a good time to talk about the benefits of giving cucumbers to our dogs. My boy Wolfie loved cukes! Pictured here from last summer, he was enjoying sampling our freshly picked cucumbers. 

Did you know there are many benefits to cucumbers for dogs?  

 ***But, first, as with anything new for your dog's diet, always check with your dog's vet first. And always feed in moderation to avoid gastrointestinal upset.***

According to Dr. Marty (, not only are they a good low-calorie treat for our dogs, but cucumbers contain and are "Cucumber for dogs is perfectly safe, as long as you feed it to them in moderation." 

But don't confuse cucumbers with pickles. When pickling, the ingredients and spices used are not good for dogs, and can even be toxic.  So always say NO 🚫 to pickles! 

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 Who is Dr. Marty?

 "Called the 'Miracle Worker' by Forbes Magazine, Dr. Marty has been a leading voice in integrative veterinary medicine for more than 45 years. He’s the bestselling author of The Nature of Animal Healing and The Spirit of Animal Healing and has appeared on national television programs including The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Martha Stewart Show, and Good Morning America. He stars in the critically-acclaimed documentary, The Dog Doc."

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Cool As A Cucumber Dog Treat

Another great refreshing cucumber treat idea, especially on these hot days, is to whip them up into a cool healthy treat! (The following is one we originally found at


Fresh Organic Cucumber (sliced or cut into chunks)

1c. Organic Plain Fat-Free Yogurt

Smidge (1/8 tsp.) Honey


I prefered to peel my cukes for me and my Sibes, but you can leave the skin on if your dog likes it. Toss cucumber in a blender with the organic fat-free plain yogurt and a bit of honey to sweeten. Pour into a mold (we used silicone paw print and/or bone-shaped molds).

Freeze until firm and serve!



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  1. I didn't know that, our Angel pups would have probably liked them.

  2. I, perhaps strangely, don't really like cucumbers. But my partner loves them, and so do both of my dogs. Whenever we make salad, I like to pick out the cucumbers in mine, before I add dressing, and give them to Kit and Fen!

  3. This sounds like a great Summer treat for dogs. I like that you've also added honey to the mix! I'll have to try this

  4. We feed our pets a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, but I don't know that we've ever tried giving them cucumbers before. I'm definitely going to give it a go because the little man Lucifer is loving EVERYTHING we feed him, so I'm sure that this is no exception!

  5. I have read they are good for dogs but have never tried with Layla and I think I need to, thanks for the reminder as Layla gets lots of fruit and veggies all the time. I make Cucumber Mint water when hot by steeping sliced cucumbers in a jug of water over night with mint, yummmm

  6. This post makes me laugh because our dog's PT is trying to grow cucumbers and her dogs discovered them and eat them off before they even get a chance to mature.

  7. The photo of Wolfie is just adorable! Wow, terrific information about cucumbers for dogs. I didn't realize they even have anti-inflammatory properties. Your info graphic is great! Very well done! I will have to try the cucumber dog treat for Henry. He does love all human foods. I'll definitely check with his vet first. I'm sharing this will all my dog friends.

  8. My pup's LOVE cucumber as treats - especially on a hot summer day. We will sometimes even just freeze the cucumbers in slices.

  9. My dogs love cucumbers! I'll have to remember to give them cucumbers on hot days to help them stay hydrated.

  10. This is awesome! I'm going to pass it on to all my dog friends. Thank you! (And I'll make some myself, too.)


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