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Flashback Photo ~ Harley, Chloe, Wolf & Bandit ~ September 2018


For a howling good concert, albeit a little out of tune, turn up your volume and enjoy the following video!  



Flashback Video ~ Harley, Chloe, Wolf & Bandit ~ September 2018

I often say how much I miss all the howling my Huskies did. It was truly such a family thing for them. It typically would kick off with one of the Pupsters, Wolfie, Bandit, or Chloe, feeling the call of their ancestors, but would only howl and sing if their "momma" Harley would lead them off! 

So, in true "kid" fashion, one of Pupsters would either bark or woo at Harley to get her to start howling (and she always obliged them, howling as though she had a golden voice...only Harley had an awful howl! It more of a cross between a loud croak or the sound of animal in pain! I kid you not! As beautiful as she was, her voice was not! But, it was so part of her charm. She woulds fling her head back and up high, proudly warbling her howl totally out of tune as the others would then join in, some with woos, some with a barkish howl, but once they got their alpha queen going, they would all join! While there was nothing majestic about their songs, they sure had a blast doing it and I so enjoyed their concerts! It was always fun to see the expressions on visitors' faces when they would suddenly break out in song! Plus, I was so fortunate that my neighbors all loved it as much as I did when they howled because they were known to do it several times a day!

Oh, those were great times! 

"Wolves together stand howling soft 
and loud at light, 
singing family songs." 
~Sue Thoele


How I really miss those songs. The howling all became silent once Harley passed. Even with just Bandit and Wolfie, they engaged in more of a Husky-speak, but no howls. And, now with Wolfie being my last remaining Sibe of the FiveSibes, the howls have stayed totally silent.

I was actually watching this video with my grandson as I was writing this post and he was laughing with me at how fun it is to watch them as they proudly howled their out-of-tune song! Then he asked me why Wolfie doesn't do it anymore, to which I explained that he no longer has his pack family and that was something they did together as a family. His reply to me was priceless. He asked, "Nanny, why can't we be his pack family?" I'll admit, I teared up at his sweetness. I told him that while we were indeed Wolfie's family, it was with his pack family he howled. He will "talk" to us and "woo" because he has now adapted to our family language.

While bittersweet, it's just one more thing that is pretty amazing about Siberian Huskies, and dogs in general. 





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