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Friday, January 15, 2016

Canine Epilepsy: Blog the Change for Animals on a Flashback Friday!

#LiveGibStrong * #LiveGibStrongForever
Today is Blog the Change for Animals and Flashback Friday and I’m talking about the upcoming Purple Day® for Epilepsy. In just 70 days, it will be March 26 - Purple Day! My Flashback is this photo of my boy, Gibson, with his poster for awareness that I take when I'm on the road talking about Canine Epilepsy, fundraising, or signing books, not just on March 26, but all year long .

Many of you know by now that my beautiful Epi-Husky, Gibson, earned his wings and journeyed North of the Rainbow Bridge shortly before Christmas this past December. It was so sudden, I still can not believe he is gone. I feel, see, and hear him everywhere. He was my very special boy. My canine super hero. My heart dog. He was my inspiration and partner behind our #LiveGibStrong K-9 Epilepsy Awareness Campaign to let others know that dogs can – and DO – live full, happy lives with Canine Epilepsy. And in the end, it was not Canine Epilepsy that stole him…he proudly fought the “seizure monster” and through a regimen of medications, supplements, and homeopathic therapies, even with setbacks from side effects from his meds, my boy had been seizure-free for almost seven – yes, SEVEN – years! What a milestone! And nothing can ever change that accomplishment. 

Gibson, Cover Dog of Canine Epilepsy book,  EPIc Dog Tales.

He had been feeling the best he ever had, energetic, happy, strong...when he suddenly became ill. (You can read about his final journey HERE). He was eventually diagnosed with a bleeding tumor of the spleen, that when he went in for surgery led, it was discovered that the cancer had metastasized and we let my brave warrior go peacefully. But as I always told him…we are on an adventure, together…I will continue our awareness campaign in his name to let others know how amazing dogs with Canine Epilepsy are and how much joy they bring to our lives. I would gladly go back to my rigid schedule of precisely timed medications and supplements and therapies just to have him back with  me for one more day. To see those amazing, soulful eyes, kiss that velvety soft nose, get those wonderful Gibbie kisses, and hear his woos. He was truly a fighter, with so much fight left in him…if only cancer did not sneak in there and steal him away.

But...his story will always be remembered as a positive, happy one for he is the face of Canine Epilepsy and hope. So we shall carry on with FurAngel Gibson by my side. You will see his face popping up from time to time with messages about seizures and Epilepsy, so we can hopefully continue to help others not feel alone and have hope for their dogs who are now faced with this journey. He shall always #LiveGibStrongForever.

What is Purple Day®? 

Check out my FiveSibes video to learn all about it! You may even recognize a few furry faces!

Show Us Your Purple!
As part of our Canine Epilepsy Awareness, March 26 is Purple Day for Epilepsy and Gibson and I have been Ambassadors for going on six years. Purple Day is a day to show your support for Epilepsy (Human, Canine, Feline, Equine) awareness by wearing purple, baking something purple, turning your social media purple, etc. Last year, I started a #LiveGibStrong Purple Day Blog Hop. This year, I am pleased to announce that I’m joining up with Kimberley Matchem and her handsome Epi-dog “Rolo” Confessions of a Rescue Mom blog for an online Purple Day "Epilepsy Awareness Event" on Facebook we hope you will all join in to help spread awareness of Epilepsy. You can join in the online Facebook Event HERE (and please, feel free to share an invite with your friends, too!)

Join our Purple Day for Epilepsy Awareness online Facebook Event HERE with info, videos, photos of Epidogs, and more! Co-hosted by Confessions of a Rescue Mom Blog & us, the FiveSibes blog!

 What Can You Do To Help?
It's simple! All you need to do is:

  •  have your pet wear something purple (bandana, collar, shirt, etc.)
  •  you can wear something purple, with your pet or on your own
  •  bake a purple cake or cupcakes
  •  frost some cookies purple
  •  gather up some purple flowers
  •  paint a purple picture
  • turn a photo purple 
  •  get some purple balloons
Then, all you have to do is post the photo on your social media, blog and websites, link up to our special Purple Day Blog Hop (link will be posted on March 26) and help us make it go viral! The more folks that know about Purple Day and Canine Epilepsy, the more Epi-dogs and their families that we can help! They are not alone and there are plenty of informational resources available to help guide them on their journey with a dog who has Canine Epilepsy. 

And when posting to social media, be sure to use the following hashtags:


Grab Our Badge!

 Simply right click on badge and copy!

Please join us and post our badge on your March 26 Purple Day blog post, and include a link to us, FiveSibes, and Confessions of a Rescue Mom blog, and we'll be sure to share with Cassidy Megan, founder of Purple Day!

Let's show the world our purple!
It's time to join in our weekly Flashback Friday Blog Hop!

Flashback Fridays are brought to you by us - the FiveSibes - and our co-host, Love is being owned by a Husky, each Friday. We hope you'll find a photo or video from Memory Lane, post it, and link up to our Blog Hop each week! If you don't catch it on Friday, you can link up any time during the week! To catch our past Flashbacks, just enter "Flashback Friday" in the search box. We hope you'll come join us!

And we're linking up, of course, to the Blog the Change for Animals hop!


  1. I never knew about canine epilepsy until a friend of mine had an epileptic dog. He's a wonderful pet! Thank you for spreading awareness!

    1. You are welcome! Gibson showed me that even with Epilepsy, he loved life and never let it stop him from being happy!

  2. I just added the hop to my editorial calendar and will add a special Saturday post to celebrate the life of Gibson. ♥

    1. Thank you very much! I so appreciate that!

  3. Our little Mackey may have had a seizure last week. We're not sure but the vet thinks it was one. We may be entering the scary world that you know so well. We'll happily post your badge on our blog.

    1. If you want to talk or have any questions, please know I'm here. Just Email me at FiveSibes(at)gmail(dot)com.

  4. I'm so sorry for your loss. I can think of no better tribute than to bring attention and educate people about dogs being able to live a full life with epilepsy. Thank you for sharing and Thank you for joining in Blog the Change!

    1. Thank you so much. My boy is so, so missed. I know he'll be by my side in spirit as I continue with our #LiveGibStrong Canine Epilepsy Awareness to hopefully help others who are faced with this journey to know they are not alone and there is hope!

  5. RIP Gibson...we will always be inspired by you.
    Thank you for carrying the banner for the dignity and support of epi-dogs, and for diligently and passionately educating the public about canine epilepsy. You are a true hero for these dogs!

    Thank you for blogging - and being - the change for animals,
    Kim Thomas
    Be the Change for Animals

  6. RIP Gibson...we will always be inspired by you.
    Thank you for carrying the banner for the dignity and support of epi-dogs, and for diligently and passionately educating the public about canine epilepsy. You are a true hero for these dogs!

    Thank you for blogging - and being - the change for animals,
    Kim Thomas
    Be the Change for Animals

    1. Thank you so much, Kim. I truly appreciate that. Gibson was indeed an inspiration, and hope he always will be for those on the journey with Canine Epilepsy.