Monday, April 15, 2013

Be the Change for Animals: Volunteers in Action "Operation Roger" Truckers Pet Transport

Beep-Beep! "Need a ride?" Our Harley at the wheel!

Today is Be the Change for Animals "Blog the Change" day. And, in honor of their "National Volunteer Month" and the BtC theme of "Celebrating People in Action," I'd like to give a big honk to the Operation Roger Truckers Pet Transport!

This is an amazing group of about 20 to 30 truck drivers who love pets and offer "volunteer transportation and housing for abused and neglected animals, military pets, and pets that need relocation due to family difficulty." According to their website, "volunteer to help needy pets get to their new homes and have a better chance at a fun-filled life by giving them a hitchhike in their cabs and a lot of TLC enroute." These caring truck drivers help dogs, cats, and bunnies in need across the country safely reach their destinations.

Now in its eighth year, Operation Roger has helped transport 694 pets (and counting) across the United States!

Please visit their website for transporting application, requirements, information on the organization, successful pet transport stories (have some tissues handy as they will tug at your heartstrings!), a list of sponsors, a list of interstates their truckers travel, and much more. Please keep in mind that Operation Roger is not a door-to-door service. These are truck drivers who do have a commitment to their jobs first, but because of their love of animals, want to help as many small pets in need as possible. There is a one-time application fee of $25, but the transport is free of charge. You can also follow their Operation Roger Facebook community page and request to join their Operation Roger Truckers Pet Transport Facebook group for information and to interact with other folks. While the community page is an open public page, to join the group, just submit a request to join and let them know the FiveSibes sent you over! This group has a lot of interaction and documents of transporting options available. If you are in need of a transport, please contact them via Email at

Volunteer drivers, sponsors, and donators are the backbone of this dedicated non-profit organization. If you'd like to volunteer to be member of Operation Roger, they are always looking for truck drivers, shuttle drivers, and layover homes for the animals. To apply, contact Operation Roger via Email at:

So the next time you see a homeless pet's photo come across your social media, please don't think, "If only I lived closer." Check to see if the rescue requirements will permit out-of-area adoptions and then contact Operation Roger to fill out an application and that long-distance animal in need may just be your new pet! 

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  1. I had no idea about this! What a great cause!

  2. This is a WONDERFUL cause! Four paws up to them.

  3. I never had heard of this group, only the pilots. Yay truckers! Thanks for highlighting them.

  4. How cool! Never heard of them
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  5. Very cool! What a great group for such a great cause!

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  7. Just had to come back by to really say a BIG thanks! What a GREAT organization! Wow!

  8. Love this article. I hadn't heard of them. I've heard of the Underground Cat Railroad. I'll look them up. Thank you.

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