Santa's New K9 Elf


Woo! Mom...I'm going to the North Pole!

This week's #FiveSibes #FlashbackFriday is a bittersweet one. And also a bit creative as I imagine what Wolfie was thinking. On what turned out to be Wolfie's last day here before he earned his furangel wings, my boy and I had taken a short stroll out front where I held him and we had a heart-to-heart talk and his eyes told me his time has arrived. Before that chat, we did stop by some of our holiday decorations for some photos. Wolf took an immediate liking to Santa (I mean, who wouldn't like that jolly elf who brings presents and treats?) 

Hey, Santa! Welcome back. What's that? You want me for your K9 Elf?!
What an honor for Santa to handpick his K9 elf! Now, a dog must be a furangel in order to be picked. And then all the magic begins...

But first...


Phew. I'm sorry, Mom. I'm getting really tired. I think I need to rest before my big journey north. But I had fun. I always had fun with you and my kiddos. And I love you. For always and forever.


To back up a beloved Wolfgang earned his silver harness this past Saturday. He was my baby boy. One third of our "Pupsters," and the last of my OG FiveSibes pack. 

Prior to Saturday, Wolfie and I had been having some fun taking different early holiday photos all week, and now I am so glad we did. While he won't physically be here with me this Christmas, I know he will always be with me in spirit.

So, in the spirit of the holiday season, and the spirit of the magnificent Siberian Husky, I wanted to share some special photos in celebration of my sweet boy,  and his love of snow and Christmas. And on Christmas morning, when your dogs are opening their presents, if you see a white stray piece of fur, or a snowflake, you can smile and say, "Santa's newest K9 Elf, Wolfie, was here!"

Woo! Don't I look dapper in my personalized bandana?! Thanks,
Hu-Mom, for the early Christmas gift!

Back in November, I purchased Wolfie a beautiful handmade Christmas bandana with his name on the peppermint stripe side, and snowmen on the other. I think he knew how dapper he looked in it! This bandana was from a gal with her own business, Doggo Deluxe Creations, and I just happened across her live Facebook video and loved this design. She was so nice, too. The bandana was thick and so soft and well made and she made it and shipped fast! I always like to support small businesses. I am thankful now I ordered it and Wolf had a chance to wear it to welcome in the holiday season I never realized he would not be here for.


I look handsome, don't I?

When Wolf passed, I laid this bandana across his soft furry white shoulders, his name side up, so there would be no mistaking who he was when he arrived to the Rainbow Bridge and went on to find Santa. After all, a K9 Elf should have a lovely bandana, don't you think?

Now prior to his falling ill so fast, I also had a fun photoshoot with Wolfie when I bought him a Cookies for Santa toy! Now...I think at first he thought it was a plate of actual cookies for him! BOL!

Hey,  Hu-Mom...these are not real cookies! What's up with that?
Okay, Hu-Mom. I get it's a toy. 
I'm sure happy you gave me some yummy treats, too!

While my heart is hurting, I am trying to hang on to the blessing of having him for almost 14 years, and grateful for all of my FiveSibes. I was so lucky to have such a special bond with all of them. As pet parents, we go into it knowing one day this dreadful day would come. And as much as we love them, is also how much we grieve them. It's important to grieve, and then move past it,  however long it takes, so we can reflect back on the fond memories spent together. When will this happen? I don't know. I still carry grief in my heart for the other FiveSibes, and it has been one year for Bandit, two years for Harley and Chloe, and this month will be six years for Gibson. There is no time frame on grief. And no one way to grieve. 

Hu-Mom! I'm bushed! I helped Santa with his mail and he gets lots of letters from kiddos from all over the world! I even saw my hu-brother's letter to Santa! It's nice I can rest here. But...

I sure do miss my hu-siblings. My hu-brother was my best bud and I'll miss him and his hugs and our talks so much. 
But now I can help Santa deliver his toys!

The thing about Siberian Huskies is they enjoy life to the fullest. They go after everything with such energy and joy. Even as they age, and their bodies slow down, they always have this special spark in their eyes, as though they already know there is more waiting for them after their lives with their humans. Wolfie was my baby boy, and he was truly a Momma's boy! I believe Saturday he was ready to move on to the next plane and see his furfamily...and become Santa's newest K9 Elf. Now, Wolfie loved to nap, so I hope Santa doesn't mind.


Woo! Mom...I'm at the  North Pole and it's right there, north of the Rainbow Bridge! Gibson and Harley and Bandit and Chloe are all here, too! Here's some snow, just for you! Love you!

My dear sweet Wolfie…Keep sending that snow, my beautiful boy. Be sure to give Husky hugs and kisses to Harley, Gibson, Chloe, and Bandit. And try not to eat all of Santa's cookies!

And I'll be thinking of you. Always. 

Love, Hu~Momma




Dear Friends of FiveSibes... 

Thank you so much for all the thoughtful condolences for my boy Wolfie. I'll be putting #FlashbackFriday on hold for a while while I grieve my boy, but will be back in 2022. I may pop in here now and again to share a post, and I hope you'll stay with us. I will continue to share memories of my beloved FiveSibes, as well as keeping our Online Resource Library up on the Siberian Husky breed, Canine Epilepsy resources, info on rescue and Huskies available for adoption, a Lost & Found resource section, as well as my articles, news, and our Books & Gifts Shoppe. You can check it all out under our tabs above.

As soon as we resume our #FiveSibes #FlashbackFriday Blog Hop, I will notify you. 

Thank you all again for almost 12 years of amazing friendships and it is my hope that it may it continue, whatever direction we go in as we head into the future. But one thing is for certain, I will always be #ForeverFiveSibes in my heart.

Please stay safe, and embrace ALL the moments. 

We'll see you soon again...

~Dorothy "FiveSibesMom"



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Thank you, Ann of Zoolatry
Together Again Forever




  1. I'm in tears..... So many of us have lost our babies. It never is easy.
    May you have a very merry Christmas. We will keep am eye out for a white pop of fur.

  2. Big healing hugs to your wonderful mom. It's so hard to lose our babies.

    Have a blessed day and weekend. ♥

  3. <<<<<<>>>>>> We are going to miss you in your absence. We hope that one day another special Sibe will find his/her way to your home:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  4. That was such a lovely tribute to dear Wolfie and all of your special pups. We'll see you again in 2022, we'll be waiting for you.

  5. Such a beautiful tribute for Santa's newest K9 Elf. Sending tender of comfort your way, Dorothy.

  6. You will truly be missed Wolfie I know you are with my Romeo and Snow over the rainbow bridge doing those crazy zoomies I followed you Bandit and Chloe and the rest for 12 yrs you's bought so much laughter and smiles to everyone we will never forget you and your siblings ..Run free Wolfie


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