A Tribute for a Friend: Lycan - Last of the PawPack Huskies

 "Lycan" of the PawPack Huskies
March 18, 2011 ~ January 26, 2024
There's no other way of saying it...losing a furfriend is heartbreaking. I have been so lucky in all the years of writing this blog, to come to know so many special friends near and far. This includes Karen and her PawPack Huskies. Karen always shared such beautiful, creative, and silly photos of her Huskies: Lycan,  Mystie, Thunder, and Sassafrass. and I so looked forward to them. Not only did Karen share them on her own personal page, but also on her Facebook Group: Huskies & Malamutes Unleashed.

The gorgeous PawPack Huskies in their heyday.

Over the years, I relished looking through the wonderful looking glass of life with my FiveSibes and her PawPack Huskies and all of the Sibe shenanigans, fun, silliness, and model poses! As with my own, each time one of the PawPack Huskies earned their furangel wings, I felt it in my heart. That's how close us in the Siberian Husky world are. We lose one and we all feel it to our core. We grieve the loss of our friends' beloved furry best friends. We all go in knowing our time is limited with our furbabies, but time is surreal and can lull us into a false safety thinking that day maybe won't come, but it does and there never really is enough time with them.

The handsome and ever charming Lycan doing what he did best~capturing the hearts of many.


Most recently, I learned of the last of the PawPack Huskies, "Lord Lycan," who had been battling health issues for some time, but really was a warrior and lived past any time they thought he had left...which I attribute his deep love to his human family and their love for him. I believe he knew he was the last remaining one and did not want to leave his family, especially his hu-mom. He knew how devastated his should would be after having lost his sister not too long before.

When you live with and share life with a pack of these amazing animals, life is absolutely grand. It's busy, chaotic, crazy, fun, and sometimes a whirlwind. It's the best of times; times we feel will never end, but somewhere in the back of our minds, silently nagging at us, we know that day will eventually come no matter how much we wish it won't. It came for me with my five...whether I was prepared or not. And are we ever really prepared? Whether loss is sudden or by illness, no, we are never prepared. Life as we know it changes. How do we adjust? Who are we once our beloved pack family no longer runs the halls or our house and yard?

Today,  has come to the end of another era, the era of the gorgeous PawPack Huskies.

Learning of Lycan's passing, although I knew he was ill and on borrowed time, still hit me hard. My heart hurts tremendously for Karen, as it does for any friend who has lost their furry best friends, but this one hits close to home. So many of us now who "met" through our Huskies over a decade ago are learning a new way of life now without our beloved family of Sibes—my FiveSibes, the 24 Paws of Love, and now the PawPack Huskies. Our rooms, yards, dog dishes and dog toys all silent now, a ghost of a lifetime joyously spent.

But, in true PawPack fashion, especially in Lycan style, I want to pay tribute to him, and all Karen's beloved pack, by remembering them as they were—gorgeous, funny, happy, silly, goofy, and just wonderful Siberian Huskies who brought smiles to the masses on a daily basis.

The Bachelor Sibe 2015 ~ "Lycan" of the PawPack Huskies
as it appeared here in FiveSibes.

One of my favorite photos, which Karen let me share right here on this blog almost exactly nine years ago, was for a special Valentine post of 2015. The Bachelor TV show was at its peak of popularity, and Karen had taken some awesome pics of her two Huskies, Lycan and Mystie, with roses. (I always loved how they posed with flowers in between their teeth). Her photos really made me think of the show and I wanted to do a creative blog post just in time for Valentine's Day that year. You can read the special and fun post HERE. I can assure you, you will love it and really help you understand the personalities of these special Huskies. I can think of no better way to honor Lycan than by remembering those wonderful moments Karen always shared.

I recently read somewhere that procrastination is a thief of time. So if you are thinking of doing something with your beloved pups, go do it. One day all of your photos and videos of the memorable moments you share together will help soothe your grief and become visits your broken heart.

So today, I'd like to dedicate this post to Lycan. A beautiful boy full of charm, charisma, and love. The only comfort anyone can take from loss such as this is that he, like my Wolfie, had lived a wonderful life and with being the last of my FiveSibes, he too was a changed dog, never really fully coming out of his grief from losing the last of his packmates. He, too, is now reunited with his beloved pack family and both boys will forever be together with their mates having zoomies and Sibe shenanigans, north of the Rainbow Bridge. Snow will fall and that will be them sending their signs of love. 

 PawPack Huskies together forever...
how I will always remember Karen's pack family.


Sometimes all we can do for friends is just be there for each other...in times of joy and in times of sorrow...and thank our now furangels for bringing us all together in friendship that will outlast loss.

Run free, Lycan, meet up with your packmates Mystie, Thunder, and Sassy... and maybe your pack and my FiveSibes can meet up and have some wonderful, pain-free zoomies, in those forever snowy fields north of the Rainbow Bridge.  

Lycan, you will always be in your hu-mom's heart and thoughts...and in the hearts of those who loved and knew you...and we know you will always and forever walk by your hu-mom's side.

"Although it's difficult today to see beyond the sorrow, may looking back in memory help comfort you tomorrow."
~Author Unknown

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  1. This sends chills down my spine. Although I don't know Karen or her sibes, I understand losing the last one. My heart felt condolences to Karen and you. My heart hurts just reading this.

  2. We send respect, and gentle woooos,

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your dear furiend's passing on to North of the Rainbow Bridge. Please extend my sympathy to Karen. We can add Lycan to the next edition of 'Our Rainbow Friends' if you would like us to with Karen's permission, of course. If you want to proceed with this, please email a photo that we can use to
    ourrainbowfriends@gmail.com or to me directly at lcolon2658@gmail.com

  4. Such a sweet pup and now a precious Angel. Hugs.

  5. You've shared such poignant thoughts for your friend and her loss, I feel there is little to add. Yet I do offer to her and to you, my sadness and condolences on the passing of Lycan, for it is not just his loss but the end of an era, the pack, the family of sibes that lived together, loved together. But are now reunited in another time and space. Grief will lessen but never leave. All were beautiful ... gentle hugs to you.


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