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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Love is in the Air: Will You Accept This Rose?

Are you a fan of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette TV series? Do you dream of pure love, nuzzling, soft kisses, and lifelong devotion? Do you wish you could be at a Rose Ceremony standing before the beautiful girl or handsome guy of your dreams? Well, look no more! In honor of today being Valentine's Day, we bring you The Canine Bachelor and Bachelorette...the very handsome "Lycan" and beautiful "Mystie" of the Pawpack Huskies! Now who could resist accepting a rose from these two beauties?

 Meet our Bachelor..."Lycan"

Lycan loves playing with ball, going for walks, and playing hide-and-seek in the woods. His mum says if she hides behind the tree trunks, he will look for her! And if a boy is good to his mum, he'll make a wonderful mate!

Meet our Bachelorette..."Mystie"

"Wooo...oh, yes, I know lOTS about Lycan!"

Mystie's favorite past time is doing tricks! She's an outdoorsy type of gal who loves laying by the fence watching out for the neighbor's cat! Mystie is not only gorgeous, but very smart, too! And if you gals want to catch The Canine Bachelor, Lycan, then you'd be smart to become Mystie's BFF!

Our Canine Bachelor and Bachelorette are Siberian Huskies who are also best friends. Their mum tells us that they share a special relationship, so any potential love interest has to pass the other's friend test! They love to play together and enjoy sharing a delicious Sunday roast dinner of chicken, gravy, and veggies! They both share an addition to cheese, and are both true foodies! Oh, and both are not camera shy in the least, so selfies are another favorite past time for these two beautiful Huskies!


I'd really like to thank Karen Clifford, mum to Lycan and Mystie and all of the beautiful Pawpack Huskies for joining us in this fun spoof of the TV series! When I saw Lycan's rose photo, I just knew we had to do this! Karen is the photographer and takes many gorgeous photos of these model Sibes! You can see more of the Pawpack Huskies on their Karen Pawpack Huskies Facebook page! Stop by for a visit and tell them the FiveSibes say "Woo!"

And checking in with our own resident love birds, "Harley" and "Gibson" ~ they are celebrating their own Rose Ceremony this Valentine's Day!

 After meeting and falling in love (okay, Gibson was immediately smitten with Harley at four months old when he first laid his blue puppy eyes on her and she, at 9 months old, body slammed him Husky-style into the side of the pool!) Fast forward nine years, and they are still a beautiful, bonded couple who love to spend time togeher! Ahhh...I love love!

"I loved you yesterday. I love you still. I always have and I always will." 
~Tim Walters



  1. That was just so darn cute!!! We hope you all had a super Valentine Day!

  2. So sweet!! Love this post.

    Happy belated Valentine's Day....Mona, Prissy & Angel Weenie

  3. How sweet. Happy Valentine's Day to you!