Monday, January 2, 2012

To/From Germany: Friendship Across the Miles

Harley with our gifts for German furpals Sammy & Buddy.

During this past holiday season, one of highlights was when we joined the Santa Paws Christmas Gift Exchange organized by Jazzi's World's Mom. We came on board late, and feared we had missed what sounded like a fun holiday event. Fortunately, a family in Germany had been looking to partner up with someone, even though they have not gotten their blog off the ground yet. I hopped at the chance as my mother is German, my daughter studied German, and I had written some chapters and a synopsis for a book for a lovely woman who resided in Berlin some 15 years ago. All roads seemed to lead to Germany, so when this came along, I thought "perfect!" Well, I did not know just how wonderful of an experience it would truly be. 

Our new furpals Sammy and Buddy from Germany!

I was teamed up with the lovely Anni, Hu-Mom to two adorable fox terriers: 4-year-old Sammy and 5-year-old Buddy, and we have all become fast friends across the many miles that separate us. We Email, exchange photos and information, and had an absolute blast having our furkids be "Santa Paws gift exchange" buddies! And a big surprise was both of our packages arrived safely to each other's doorstep before Christmas Day! 

Sammy checking out the parcel of gifts.
Anni happily reported her furbabies had a wonderful time opening their gifts, as did the FiveSibes opening theirs! 
Finding one he likes!
Sammy & Buddy checking out their goodies!
A little brotherly tug-o-war game!
Buddy found his favorite toy - a stuffed squeaky candy cane!

When the Sibes' box came in the mail, they somehow knew it was for them! They were so happy and very excited to get to whatever was inside!

And when the box was opened, we were all so pleased! The package contained many gifts and treats and a lovely note 
card written out to each of the dogs! Harley, Gibson, Wolf, Chloe, and Bandit each received their very own lovely little holiday greeting from Sammy and Buddy's Hu-Mom, each complete with a beautifully hand-painted clothespin tag. 

Wolf, Gibson & Bandit all loved the little doggie!
Harley and Chloe cozied up to some of the toys!
Their were squeaky toys, a cool frisbee, treats, and even a sweet Santa and some yummy delicacies for this Hu-Mom! We literally had received a loving slice of Germany all wrapped up in a gift box! 

It was just so special! I've posted pics here of our Sibes and German furbrothers Sammy and Buddy as they celebrated Christmas Day friends, miles apart.

I love my Santa from Germany!
We look forward to a continued friendship with Anni, Buddy, and Sammy and to see what other adventures we can share as we experience the wonders of life during this brand new year that is unfolding before us. This Santa Paws Gift Exchange was truly a wonderful experience (thank you Jazzi's Mom!) and now we are so fortunate as to have Sammy & Buddy and their Hu-family as our new friends!


  1. What a super Santa Paws package!! We love Santa Paws because we love making new furriends!

    The Florida Furkids

  2. hey FiveSibes,

    What a wonderful post! How exciting to meet new friends from far away! And what pawsome gifts! You both have such good taste! Great gifts and treats on both ends! What a fun experience and now your can learn to woof in German! :->

    A big welcome to Sammy and Buddy and their Hu-family! Hope their blog is up soon!


  3. That is so very cool. You must be sure to tell us when they start up their blog. Me and My Vickie will want to follow them.

    It is so fun getting presents from so far away. Of course My Girl Charlotte and me exchanged little gifts too and I saved the stamp from Austria.

    WE loved all the pictures from your new friends that you shared in this post, really loved the one with Wolf Gibson and Bandit with the little stuffy dog. I hope it is ok.

    WEll, we are off to bed.

    Lookin forward to a great year of experiences shared with you.


  4. So cute to see all your pups around their Christmas box. Just like kids they can't wait to see what is inside!

    The doggy blog community is so supportive and friendly...

  5. That is a wonderful Christmas story. 2012 should be full of fun and adventures.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  6. How wonderful. Looks like the exchange was a huge success!

  7. Fabulous. I love to have new furends.. and you have a couple of grrreat ones here it seems.

  8. We also got to meet Sammy and Buddy and Anni when we received their Christmas Card all the way from Germany! How special is that!!!!! Hope they get their own blog soon so we can continue to hear about their adventures! Such sweet furends!

  9. What a brilliant prezzie. We look forward to knowing when Sammy and Buddy start their blog.
    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx