Sunday, September 2, 2012

Love on a Sunday; and a Pawcircle of Healing for Furpals

As many of you know, our Gibson has been head-over-paws in love with Harley since the day we brought him home at four months of age, and she was just a one-year-old. One gaze into her blue eyes, and he was hooked! Her body slamming him into the pool, pawing him on his back, and playful Husky bites to his neck hooked this boy and he was immediately smitten with her and, six-and-a-half years later, he is still totally in love with her. Wherever you see Harley, Gibson is right by her side. This photo is of them holding paws as they lay by each other on the deck just enjoying the afternoon breeze. It personifies love...and yes, I believe animals can love and be in love! 
Happy Sunday!

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Speaking of Love, Please Join Us in
Sending Woos of Get Well Wishes to Furpals Suka & Forrest: 

Our furpal, "Suka," who may of you know, has been going through a tough time lately with not feeling good. We have a badge posted here on our left in a continuous #pawcircle of hope, health, and healing...and would like to invite you to continue to join us in sending Suka all of our best wishes and woos for good health. At last report, Suka is feeling a bit better! Be strong, and please, stay out of stream beds!  Sending you lots of Husky hugs and love!

Another furpal of the FiveSibes is fellow Siberian Husky, Forrest. Forrest just underwent pre-op testing for a possible knee surgery, this time for TPLO as the previous knee surgery did not work. He is currently resting and will be re-checked in a month to see if he needs the surgery. Rest up and stay strong, Forrest! Sending you lots of Husky hugs & love!


  1. We are keeping our paws crossed for Forrest and Suka. That top picture of the paws is just fabulous!

  2. We will say prayers for Forrest and Suka!


  3. We are sending lots of good vibes
    Benny & Lily

  4. For sure animals can "be in love"! Hope your friend is feeling better soon

  5. The photograph is stunning. I just love it! And the quote fits perfectly. Wonderful photo!! And I have always enjoyed reading of the Harley-Gibson love affair. It is so incredibly sweet!

    Thank you very much for mentioning Suka again! We really appreciate it, and we know all the extra crossed paws, prayers, and well-wishes have really made a difference on Suka's path to healing. Thank you!

    We will sniff our way over to Forrest's blog and wish him well. So sorry about his situation, we pray he gets better.

    You are really true friends, always looking out for your friends, especially those of us in need. Thank you!

    K and Suka

  6. [Hi! I am sorry if this is a repeat. I wrote a comment earlier this afternoon and I see it is not up so please delete if this is a repeat. Thanks!]

    hey FiveSibes,

    The photograph is stunning! I love it! Especially knowing the love story of Harley and Gibson, it makes the photo that much more touching. You did a fantastic job of framing and the edging is very nice. So sweet! And I always enjoy reading of the adventures of love between Harley and Gibson. It is such an incredibly sweet story.

    Thank you very much for mentioning Suka again. We both really apprecaite it! We know that all the positive thoughts, prayers, well wishes, and crossed paws have really helped in Suka's healing. We thank you for your kindness and friendship.

    Paws crossed and prayers for Forrest. We are really sorry to read of his situation and send him much love and positive thoughts that he heals and does not need another surgery. He is adorable and his little friends are fun!

    K and Suka

  7. sending virtual chihuahua kisses to your dear furends.
    wags. bailey

  8. oh,how sweet is that! of course there is love between doggies.and i think(as us humans,too)dogs can see another dog and hate him in an instand without a course.they have a mind on there own like every human.
    but such deep love is s really special i hope,they will have a loooong loving live together!
    greetings anni

  9. The photograph is stunning! So beautiful! The color scheme is really nice and the ediging of the photo is a great touch. Really love this photo! Especially knowing the love story of Harley and Gibson, it makes the photo that much more touching. Love it!

    Thank you very much for mentioning Suka agai. We really appreciate your woof-out and we know that all the kind well wishes, prayers, positive thoughts, and crossed paws have helped in Suka's healing. He still has a way to go but is doing so much better. You are great friends!

    Forrest is adorable! What a sweet photo, and his little stuffies are fun! Forrest, Suka's paws are crossed for you and you are in our thoughts and prayers. We hope you heal soon and do not have to undergo any surgery. Good luck and get well soon!

    K and Suka