Friday, March 8, 2013

Flashback Friday #24 Springs Ahead With Important Pet Tips for Daylight Saving Time


It's Flashback Friday! And we are jumping back a year for this photo of our Bandit waiting for the arrival of Daylight Saving Time (DST)! This year, DST falls on this Sunday, March 10th, when we will be "springing ahead" our clocks and marking the pending arrival of the start of spring! While we are losing an hour, we gain “longer” days with it staying light later. This allows us so much more time to walk and play with out furkids, although in this Sibe household, we will surely miss the snow! But, having longer days seems like a fair trade-off!

There are some important reminders for those who follow DST that we would like to once again review as we prepare for the upcoming spring and summer months:

  • If your pet is on specifically timed medications (like our Epi-Husky Gibson who is on meds he must take 12 hours apart), you can help reset your pet's internal clock for these medications by staggering them by a half-hour starting on Sunday. Example: If your pet had been receiving their dosages at 7:30 AM before DST, then under the first day of the new time, give it to them at 8:00 AM*; then do the same for the PM dosage. On the second day, you can return back to the normal time by backing up the dosage another half hour bringing it to the designated 7:30 dosage time. This way, there will be no long delay in their dosage schedule that could possibly affect the gentle balance of medication levels. *This is the method I use. It may not be right for everyone's pet, so please check with your vet.

  • Replace batteries and connections for pet cams, room/baby monitors, and smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide detectors. 

  • Check fire extinguishers.

  • Be sure pet window clings are visible to the outside and not faded. If you need a replacement, visit ADT to order a free new one or visit the ASPCA for a free safety pack. 

  • Check all tags to be sure they are all up to date.

  • If you have moved, be sure your pet’s microchip information has been updated as well with the chip company AND your vet’s office.

  • If your pet is not on heartworm and flea/tick preventative all year long, be sure to visit your vet, have your pet tested for heartworm and parasites, and start them on the preventative before the warmer weather begins. 

  • Review your pet's emergency/First Aid Kit to be sure things are up-to-date. Replace anything that has expired. With the arrival of bees, it's a good idea to check with your vet about including Benadryl in the kit and what the proper dosage for your pet would be.

  • Take the time to check out all the winter bedding and give them a good spring cleaning or replacement.

  • Check all pet meds for expirations (and be sure they are far out of reach of furkids).

  • Update all vet and emergency contacts in your home and cell phones.

  • Check out all leashes, harnesses, and collars to be sure they are not frayed, chewed, or otherwise compromised.

  • With the arrival of warmer weather, give your yard a good safety check and remove any dangerous or poisonous items and mend any broken fences, gates, etc. Get down to your pet's level and see it from their perspective. Is there anything dangerous lying around that was hidden under snow, water, or mud? Any "escape" holes? Any places where wildlife or insects can build a home? Any salt or poisonous winter items around where they can now get to them? 

  • With the unveiling of pools and grills, be sure you have safety mechanisms in place so your beloved pet can not get burnt, drown, or get hurt. If you have an in-ground pool, even if you have it gated, be sure you have a pet ladder so if they accidentally fall in, they have a way out.

  • Invest in a kiddie pool now before the rush on them when the first hot day arrives.

  • Always keep fresh, cool water available. 

  • Remember when walking your dog in the warmer weather, to do so during the coolest points of the day - early AM and late PM - so as not to overheat them. Also be conscious of the hot pavement and roads on their paws; keep to the grassy sides if possible or shady areas. And always bring along a bottle of water.

Daylight Saving Time is the perfect time to do these simple, possibly life-saving checks for our pets. It is also a great time to look ahead for lighter, "longer" days to spend more time loving and playing with our furkids.

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It seems we are losing way too many of our furfriends this year...and sadly,  we must say "good-bye" to another...the very popular and brilliant star of Bloggerville - Remington, of the Life and Times of Remington blog.  Remington, your great presence, sense of humor, and love of snow and sports will be greatly missed. Run free over the snow-covered fields beyond the Rainbow Bridge and know you will always be remembered. In your honor, we dedicate today's blog to you.


  1. Those are all great reminders

  2. You always have the best information posts for us - great tips. And we love that shot of Bandit.

    Lightning says he will be waiting for you all to get here - hey, we would ALL love for you to come.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning