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Friday, February 22, 2013

Flashback Friday #22: A Tale of A Prince and His Perch

"Woo! What are you looking at? I did not chew the new dog house," says Gibson in this Flashback photo of four years ago when he was just three years old!

How the story unfolded...

I fell in love with this "log cabin" dog house and purchased it online and then put it together proudly all on my own. It was, in my opinion, a thing of beauty and would fit perfectly
on our deck. At the time, we had just Harley, who was four
at the time, and Gibson, three. I couldn't wait for them to see it!

Our love birds seemed to really like their new deck furniture!

After Gibson christened it by nibbling on the trim, he made
the top of the dog house his very favorite perch, while
Harley lounged inside.


The best part was being inside the kitchen and seeing him
peek inside the window! In the summer, he would talk to me through the screen! 

 A while later the Pupsters came along and bumped the prince off his throne from time to time! But, Gibson managed to assert himself and keep his royal perch, but did (reluctantly) share it with little brother Wolf and sisters Chloe and Bandit from time to time!
 "This was my throne. Now I have to share."


 And whatever happened to that wonderful, beautiful log cabin doghouse that was Gibson's favorite perch? With five Huskies - three of them pups - jumping up and down on it, sometimes the pups even managed to snuggle around Gibson on it - it soon become a bit wobbly, gnawed in many spots by the pups, and with Gibson just having been diagnosed with Canine Epilepsy, I didn't want to risk any of them getting hurt, so Hu-Mom here dismantled it and that was the end of Gibson's Husky palace! 

Ah...but the memories live on!

 "Okay, little bro, I guess we can share." 

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  1. Aw, that's a great log cabin! I love it, especially seeing them looking into the house from the outside!

  2. Hi Y'all!

    That story is so sweet...and sad...

    My paws are crossed that Gibson's illness can be controlled. My Human cousin had a dog with epilepsy and it was very scary!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  3. Oh, that is so sweet!! What a great perch!!! LOVE IT!! I wish I could jump up on stuffs....pfft!

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