Friday, August 29, 2014

When the Sun is Shining on a Flashback Friday!

Wow! The saying "time flies" sure does apply here with our FiveSibes Flashback Friday's! Looking back, the last time I posted one was eight months ago in December, four days before Gibson, my Epi-Husky who also suffers from weak hind end issues (as a result of his Epi-meds), slipped and fell on a patch of snow-covered ice Christmas Eve and went lame and scared not only me, but himself this time as well. He was in pain. His fighting spirit lost. His spark gone (story HERE). At the time, I needed to step back away from blogging to help my boy rehabilitate, which was a tough and uncertain road for him. He began a slow, long process of healing via Conservative Care with a stability leg brace, lift harness, bed rest, meds, vitamin supplements, massage, and in-home laser treatments. Gibson's rehabilitation has been a slow process, but as days turned into weeks, his fighting spirit and spark returned. With every positive step he took, he reveled in his praise from me. You could see it in his eyes, his step, his personality. We are now finally back to him being able to take very brief walks without a brace and, just recently, the lift harness! A huge step in progress! His legs are stiff and his knees are becoming arthritic, and they won't ever be back to how they once were when he was 3 (he's 8 now), but with continued in-home laser therapy and short rehab walks, vitamin therapy, rest, and lots of love, he is holding his own and not in pain. So today's Flashback, our 40th, is in honor of my warrior boy, Gibson. The above photo is of him a few months after his accident, nose to the sun and showing me such inner strength, determination, and love of life even in the face of adversity. The quote fit perfectly, I felt, not just for Gibson, but myself as well. Through the spirit of our canine companions, we can learn so much, such as even in the darkest days, when the sun shines upon us, inner strength can indeed be found. The love I have for my boy is immeasurable.
May he continue to always, in body and spirit, Live Gib Strong.

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  1. What a beautiful tribute to your courageous boy Gibson!!! He is very lucky to have a family so devoted to making him better.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. Gibson is one lucky pup to have you
    Lily & Edward

  3. Gibson is such a gorgeous boy, and you are so lucky to have each other!}
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!