Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Annabelle's Rescue Story

Have you read Annabelle's Story? You must, but be forewarned, have the tissues handy. This story was posted today on our FiveSibes™ Facebook page by a fellow Husky lover and follower, and it has touched me deeply. 

Annabelle, this beautiful red and white Husky, had one of the worst beginnings in life, including being run over by a car and left to heal without medical attention - and at the hands of her owners! That is until a thoughtful and compassionate neighbor stepped in to save her.  She is now safely with the Angels Among Us Pet Rescue who as you will read in the Annabelle's Story link above, have nursed her back to health, including an amputation. Even as a new tri-pawd, Annabelle is loving and happy and energetic. She will always need to be an inside dog, but has much love to share. Angels Among Us Pet Rescue states she requires another surgery, but they truly need some help. Here is their Facebook page and a Chip-In link for Annabelle that I'm hoping we can all share on our blogs, our Facebook and Twitter statuses, and websites, in the hopes of spreading the word...and maybe we each can donate even just our coffee money for the day to help these "Angels" help Annabelle. Please, read Annabelle's Story. You can also keep up on her progress on their Help Annabelle Facebook page. And the next time you see some rescue folks, tell them "thanks" for all they do to help sweet angels like Annabelle.

If you have a loving home and would love to welcome in Annabelle, let Angels Among Us know! Annabelle - even with all the horrors she faced as a pup at the hands of her own humans - is trusting and loving and forgiving. They are so much better at being humane than even some humans are. Her story is an incredible one. Rescue folks are incredible. Now let's all join together to give this beautiful gal an incredible life.


  1. this is written beautifully, what a tragic life poor Annabelle has had so far, but the best is yet to come, im sure there is someone not far away will take her into their hearts and home to love and spoil her like she truly deserves....julie

  2. This just makes me so sick, why are some humans so so horrible to helpless animals. What a beautiful girl Annabelle is with the pure spirit of a husky. Great job from everyone for sharing her story, I hope this helps get the money needed to help her. Gentle woooos from us here in Spain.

  3. I KNOW that we need to KNOW about these thingys butt I can hardly stand to read them. My heart hurts for DAYS.

  4. So sad, heartbreaking story. We hope Annabelle's future is much happier and filled with love.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. ooooh,what a beautiful gil she is!
    we kerp all our paws crossed ,that she will get all the help she needs and that someone really special will fall in love with her and give her a loving new home!
    i cant imagine why people are able to harm poor animals,but i hope,that those people will never,ever get a dog again!
    there should be a kind of test ,where you must proof tat you are able to give a dog everything that he needs and that you are an responsible owner before you could get a pet!this would stop soo much cruelty,i think.dont you,too?
    we pray for annabelle and send her thousends of licks

    anni and the foxbrothers

  6. What a heart breaking story. But hopefully with a happy and love filled outcome in the future for such a beautiful girl.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  7. What a beautiful girl.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  8. Thank you for sharing Annabelle's story.
    She sure is special and we believe she has a mission.


  9. What an amazing story and what a beautiful girl! We will help a bit and pray that both the surgery and a forever home come her way quickly.

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  11. i'm in for donating. i hope i can donate a good chunk. i need to ask Mr. Wild Dingo first who's traveling. this is heartbreaking. i look at my own sibe and i just want to haul off and belt the woman with a 2 by 4. but i know that love is the best way to heal so...i'm gonna love on annabelle.

  12. What a beautiful little angel.I would love to adopt Annabelle.I have sent several e-mails and no reply.Annabelle would have a forever home with myself and my Sibe Kody D.Please contact me at kimberly1219@comcast.net. Thanks Kim

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