Thursday, December 20, 2012

New KyJen Dog Games Beats Canine Boredom!

Gibson is keeping this toy all to himself!
KyJen did it again! They've come up with some  great puzzles to not only keep our dogs busy, but challenge their mind and skills too! We received two new totally "pawsome" dog games from KyJen to review, their super cool Moon Rover Rescue Ball where the object is for our fupal to try and get the squeaky blue moon rover toys from rolling around inside the larger six inch blue rubber ball. It's very challenging! (Shh...I gave Gib a little help!) It's price is right around the $19.99 range, and definitely worth it for the hours of fun entertainment it provides! Gibson really loves playing with this "ball!" He is our resident puzzle expert and he rose to the challenge with great interest! To add a little more fun, I added a treat. The funny part, Gib was way more interested in getting the rover out than the treat! 

Yes! That squeaky rover does fit in that ball!
As you will see from the video below that shows just how entertained they are from these toys, he even picked it up and brought it over to his bed, claiming this toy his! This is going to be a favorite for a long time to come! No boredom here with this toy. Gibson gives the Moon Rover Rescue Ball a four-paws up rating!

Chloe found the treat!
Chloe and Harley were excited to play with the Paw Flapper puzzle where treats are hidden inside and the dog's challenged to not only open up the flap to try and find the treat, but there is a wheel that rotates inside hiding the treat, so they must also learn how to turn the wheel while sniffing out the treat in one of the chambers under the "flap." This game ranges $17.99 in price, and it's the second KyJen puzzle we have (we previously tried and reviewed their Paw Hide game).

This game really puts their superb sniffing to the test! At first I thought the rotating wheel might prove to tough a challenge, but it just made it all the more fun for the Sibe mind! A challenged canine mind is never a bored one! Chloe and Harley give the Paw Flapper puzzle a four-paws up rating each! So if you are looking for a last minute Christmas present, or if your pup's birthday is coming up (we have four birthdays in January), or are even planning ahead to their Valentines Day present, the FiveSibes highly recommend you check out these KyJen toys available in many stores and online through Amazon and the KyJen  website. (Shhh...don't tell the Sibes, but they are each getting a KyJen Long Body Gator Squeaker Mat toy this Christmas!)


Both the Moon Rover Rescue and the Paw Flapper puzzles get a big four-paws up rating!  

"Woo! We love KyJen toys!"


  1. We recently got a Paw Flapper toy from Mr. Chewy. Our resident puzzle expert, Max, learned to open the paws pretty quickly while the others spin it. Keeps 'em busy!

  2. Looks like Santa came early for the toys!

  3. I bet my boys would love those!

  4. Oh, those look so cool!! Especially the squeaker toy one! I LOVE me the squeaky toys!


  5. We would love BOTH of those thingys. GRRRREAt Review.

  6. Those toys do look like fun. Always good to keep one's brain sharp. You never know when those skills might come in handy.


  7. looks like a good one. My Lily loves puzzles
    Benny & Lily

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