Saturday, December 11, 2010

Have a Heart; Help a Husky

Nikko is patiently waiting for a forever home.

"Thorns may hurt you, men desert you, sunlight turn to fog; but you're never friendless ever, if you have a dog."  
--Douglas Mallock

There is an epidemic out there...too many Sibes, and dogs in general, are abandoned, neglected, and left homeless when owners move, get frustrated, or simply change their mind about having a Husky. Homeless, rescued Siberian Huskies are not inferior dogs. They are not bad dogs. Many once were purchased from breeders simply for their beauty, only to take the uneducated owner by surprise with their energetic (and sometimes destructive) Siberian Husky ways. 

Too many Huskies are turned in to shelters or become homeless because their owners did not research the breed to discover and understand that Siberian Huskies are “working” dogs, therefore, they are have a high-energy level and need to follow their natural instinct to run. They were, after all, bred for long-distance sledding. They need daily exercise. They enjoy socialization. They are not the type of dog to be cooped up in an apartment or kennel or crate all day. They will chew when bored, and that includes your nice leather sofa or designer shoes! Unfortunately, these are the things that ultimately wind up having these gorgeous dogs turned in to shelters and rescues. And sadly, many do arrive in poor health or neglected condition due to poor treatment from owners.

Rescue and foster parents are a dedicated group of animal lovers who give these canines a second chance at life and being loved. They offer the homeless Husky the best love, attention, and medical care they can give while relying on generous donations as they try to find these beautiful, social, and loving dogs a forever home.

Today, I want to highlight some awesome Sibes that are available for adoption or foster care through the Siberian Husky Rescue of Florida. Please take a few minutes to watch this short slideshow featuring 13 of the Sibe stars who are looking for a Hu-family to give love and get love in return. (For best viewing, please watch in full-screen mode).

If you are interested in having one of these beautiful furbabies become part of your family, please contact the Rescue at (727) 391-8934. You can check out more information on the Sibe(s) of your choice and download an adoption application by visiting the Siberian Husky Rescue of Florida website.

The president of the Rescue’s Board of Directors, who I’m told by one of the volunteers, not only fosters dogs, but also has five or six of her own (they lost count!), works outside the home, and drives all over Florida pulling dogs from death row. “She is truly amazing!!” I was told, and indeed she and all the volunteers who help Huskies are!

Here is a heartfelt message from the president and the Board: “We are in need of adopters at this time. So many Huskies are in need and we can only help if we have open foster homes for them. Currently we have 14 Huskies in rescue that need homes.  If you have room for another fur-kid, let us know. If you hear of anyone looking for a Husky, send them our way. You are our advertisers and we appreciate your help. In order to continue our positive growth and momentum, we need your participation. Come out to our events and say ‘hello.’  We could not function without your support.”

All of the dedicated Board members and hard-working volunteers at the Siberian Husky Rescue of Florida also offer their heartfelt thanks and appreciation to “all of our volunteers and supporters for the generous donations to help both Nikko and Izzy with their heartworm treatments. Our goal was to raise $1000. In the end, we reached $1700! Truly amazing! We now can help several other Huskies in need.” They have reported that both Nikko and Izzy are recovering well from their treatments and, like the other foster Sibes, are truly ready for their loving forever homes! 

Won’t you consider adopting one of these beauties? You will be promised a lifetime of Husky hugs, kisses, and loyal canine companionship.

You can follow the Siberian Husky Rescue of Florida on FaceBook to keep up-to-date on the Sibes available for adoption and fostering, and read about the many happy endings for previous Huskies and their new Hu-families. You can also subscribe to their monthly newsletter by simply sending an E-mail to

So please, have a heart and help a Husky in need today. The never-ending love and dedication you will receive from the thankful Sibe will be the greatest reward of all.

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  1. Amen! Thanks for writing a great post on Sibes and the need to help a rescue and adopting a Siberian Husky!

    You are so right. People do not understand the needs of this breed and thus end up dumping them or surrendering them to a kill shelter (I see the same issue with Border Collies too - I'm a volunteer at a shelter).

    I would just add - please DO YOUR RESEARCH before getting a puppy or dog. Know what the breed requires. If more people did this we would have less abandoned Siberian Huskies.
    (Stopping by on the Hop!)

  2. So true.. unfortunately:(

    luv our sibes & husky pals!


  3. Sibes aren't for everyone, but in the right home, they are the best of pups ever, at least we think so:) Dad really wants a blue-eyed white girl for Christmas, but the Momster says three is enough for her to handle. We hope each and every one of those beautiful dogs finds a wonderful home soon. Wish we could help.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. What a terrific post! We all had to work a little to get to our forever home.

  5. WOW! Great post! Everyone deserves a LOVING forever home....

  6. I genuinely would love to have one or two - maybe when we no longer travel I'll be able to have them. I'd even come over and collect. You are doing a great job here. Your dogs are just adorable too - a great advert for Siberian huskies.
    I popped over to say hello and thank you for that fantastic comment you left. I really enjoyed reading it and love the idea of you and your daughter at rock festivals. I hope you are still singing. Hugs to you and all the sibes. x

  7. God Bless those puppies and all the people who work for/with them and care for them as well! I volunteer off and on at my local shelter and am in awe of the people who work tirelessly to save and help the lost animals...from the shelter workers themselves to the transport crews who bring the pups to us from down South and elsewhere, and especially the folks who are out there searching the "kill shelters" to save the unlucky animals whose only fault is that no one loved them! Great post for a great cause! Praying all those Sibes find good homes!
    Kelly & Crew
    Big Mac, Molly & Moxie
    (BTW~Molly & Moxie are both rescues...Moxie actually came from the shelter where I volunteer ;-)

  8. Thanks for such a heart-felt post about Sib's in need of rescue. Having a high energy dog ourselves, we know what it's like. You have to be the type of person who will give them the exercise they need! Good luck.

  9. My paws are khrossed fur all of them...

    AND fur the others...and the others...and the others...

    Until we all have homes...


  10. I sure do hope they find some great homes.

    My mom does Weimaraner rescue and we have the same problem there as well. People just don't research and then turn in these dogs around 1 year old when they are out of control because the owners never did anything with them. So frustrating. :(

  11. I really agree that responsible owners need to research to find the perfect breed for their family. Huskies do seem to have a high rescue rate in Florida! I hope they find homes and with some great blogs as this, dogs turned into rescue decline.

  12. Having unrealistic expectations when bringing a dog home is probably the greatest reason for dogs ending up in shelters or rescues (I think the term most people use is behavioral issues--putting the blame on the dog).

    I got my first purebred dog this year, a Golden Retriever. And I see first hand how little people know about the responsibilities a dog requires.

    People compliment me on my well-behaved puppy and assume that Goldens are perfect family dogs right out of the box. They don't realize that they bite and chew and knock people over with their exuberant greetings. Yes, they're great family dogs but they need lots of attention, exercise, and training.

    I can see this being a really big problems with huskies. They are probably the most beautiful dogs out there and choosing a dog for his looks is a very bad idea.

    Thanks for spreading the word about the husky breed rescues. Breed rescues are wonderful and do a great job educating people.

  13. this is great information for anyone thinking of adopting a husky or any breed really. Too often people don't think it through before deciding to get a dog and then when it interfers too much with their lifestyle, they decide to get rid of the dog - heartbreaking for the dog who has gotten so attached to the family. Thanks for visiting my blog and we hope to see you around again often. Have a great Sunday

  14. thanks for stopping at our site... we appreciate all the kind words.. we'll be back

  15. Hi. :)

    I have been lurking here and on the Thundering Herd for a little while.

    Thank you so much for this beautiful post. I live in Tampa and own a rescue husky (from the Humane Society) and follow SHRF on Facebook. They do such a great job and I'm so glad you're helping advertise them!



  16. My husband has a friend who just got his first dog... a border collie! As if! What fool would sell a border collie to a first time dog owner. The guy is well intentioned, but doesn't have a clue what he has on his hands. This makes me so sad. I have met clueless mastiff owners with cute little mastiff puppies from some backyard breeder and get lots of comments from people saying they want a mastiff. NO! Think!

    Sibes are magnificent dogs, but not for everybody. It is just so sad how many 9 month to 2 year old dogs there are in shelters because people just got the wrong dog. Heck, when I go to a breeder, if they don't interview me carefully enough, I move on because they should be certain that I am going to take care of their breed of dog properly.

    I hate seeing all the orphans. At least I know enough that I would go mental with that sibe coat. But I am sending wishes that at least some of them find furever homes.

    Mango Momma

  17. hey....
    this is great information for anyone thinking of adopting a husky or any breed really.