Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holiday Stuffed Husky Giveaway (HSHG) to Benefit Rescued Siberian Huskies

You could win me!
Just in time for the holidays! How would you like to ring in the New Year by taking home this adorable stuffed Siberian Husky named “Slush” for someone you love (or even for yourself?!) Well, you can! Phoenix Siberian Husky columnist for, Cameron Gillespie is holding a Holiday Stuffed Husky Giveaway (HSHG) fundraiser via her Facebook to benefit the beautiful rescued Sibes at Arizona Siberian Husky Rescue & Adoption (ASHRA)

For a donation in any amount, even as little as $1.00, Slush puppy could go home with you! And what better way to celebrate the holiday season than by helping homeless Huskies? Entry details below and on Cameron's Facebook page under the "Info" tab.

According to Cameron, the proceeds will benefit ASHRA. She describes "Slush" as: "adorable, 10" x 5" in size, and gray and white." $1.00 will get your name into the drawing ($2.00=2 names, $3.00=three names, etc.)

“We'd like to donate ALL money raised to the Arizona Siberian Husky Rescue & Adoption, Inc.,” notes Gillespie, who goes on to explain why she is doing the fundraiser. "For a less popular breed in Arizona, never once, NOT ONCE, have I walked the corridors of animal control and not seen a Sibe staring up at me...longing to go home. Though the awesome volunteers at ASHRA work hard to rescue these pups, provide them with medical care, foster them, adopt them, and help these babies in need anyway they can...they can only do so much with the limited funds they acquire! That's why we're asking for you to step in. Just $1.00 wont even purchase most cups of coffee now days....but take a look at the friends list number on this (Facebook) page. What if everyone just gave a dollar...just one. Wouldn't you save a Husky if you could?"

So, if you'd like to have your name put into Santa's hat (we sure did!) for the drawing on January 1, 2011, please send $1.00 (more if you choose) to:

c/o Runquist
PO BOX 44150
Phoenix, Az 85064


PayPal: CGillespie97(at)gmail(dot)com

Please note: If using PayPal, please indicate that payment is for HSHG, or Slush/Husky Donation. Notice will be left on your wall that your entry has gone into the hat.

And the fun does not stop there! There is also a *A BONUS Giveaway*! Yes, that's right - two ways to win a cute plush stuffie while helping beautiful homeless Siberian Huskies!

For everyone who makes a donation to the “Slush” Giveaway, if one of your friends enters the raffle, and gives your name, then you will go into a separate drawing for a plush "Mini Slush" Husky!!! (Example, anyone who finds out about the fundraiser from reading this blog column and enters, please state you heard about it from "FiveSibes" or "FiveSibesMom." If someone hears about it from you, then they would list your name and then you are automatically entered for the bonus drawing).
What better way to ring in the New Year than by helping some homeless Sibes and bringing a smile to someone’s face as they get to hug a “Slush” puppy?! So won’t you please help make some homeless Huskies happy this holiday season by making a donation, and then passing on the info to everyone you know? Send a note on each of your Christmas cards, tweet about it on Twitter! Post it on all of your social networking forums. It's for a great cause and you may even win "Slush" or "Mini Slush" for someone you love (even yourself!) 

The beautiful Sibes just waiting for a forever home at ASHRA woo their thank yous for participating! And...the winners may send me a photo of either a hu-family or K9-family member with the "Slushie" pups they won, and I'll be happy to post the photos on my blog at a later date! Good luck to all!!!



  1. what a great job you're doing Slush is pretty cute! But not as cute as your 5sibes

  2. Aah bless suchbeautiful dogs.
    Came across you blog hopping via Saturday Pet Hop, would love you to visit back.
    Helen x

  3. what a neat fundraiser. We hope you raise lots of funds. We'll put this on our FB page.

  4. Hi Y'all,

    Just hopped by to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

    Hawk aka BrownDog

  5. I have some tikhkets and my paws khrossed!

    It is such a khutie!


  6. Very cute. I hope they are able to raise a lot of money. :)