Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Canine Cooking Corner" Visits CBS Video Vault and a Dog Chef!

It all sounds good to food hobbyist Chloe!
For this installment of "Canine Cooking Corner," while I don't have a FiveSibes video this week, I do have an item I came across that I'd like to share. It's from a 2005 news video from the CBS "Early Show," as reported by the show's resident vet, Dr. Debbye Turner, called "'Bone' Appetite" that features dog chef and author Micki Voisard, who discussed home cooking for dogs. Perfect for this column, wouldn't you say? Ms. Voisard, who is also the founder of Dog Chefs of America, whips up delectable dishes for dogs and holds canine cooking classes world wide! Pretty cool. I hope she has one in our area sometime soon!
Just a quick reminder that no matter what type of diet your canine companion is on, it's always wise to check with the vet before changing/altering your dog's nutritional intake.

And while we are on the subject of food...with another holiday once again upon us, let's all remember to keep an eye out when having company over for a New Year's Eve party or New Year's Day dinner for the some of the foods that can unfortunately make our furbabies ill. These include:
  • alcohol
  • chocolate
  • coffee, tea, caffeinated drinks
  • nuts
  • onions
  • garlic
  • mushrooms
  • fat trimmings (appetizers, gravies, etc.)
  • sugary items (think cookies, desserts, etc.)
  • sugar-free items (watch out for xylitol & other artificial sweeteners)
For a full list, visit the Doctors Foster and Smith Pet Education website. 

Be safe, eat well, and see you next time (next year!) for the "Canine Cooking Corner!" Bon Appetit!


Thanks, Sue, for the special post!
On a separate subject, a huge note of thanks to Sue of Dogs-N-More for the lovely Rainbow Bridge Tribute she is doing this week for all beloved pets who have left this humanly world. Please stop over and check it out. Each day she is posting a tribute to different pets of folks here in the wonderful blogosphere. She has been so kind as to feature three of our late furbabies: My dear, dear Chelsey, an Akita/ German Shepherd mix who we fell in love with the moment we met her at the ASPCA. She loved to push on my arm with her nose when she wanted attention, and loved and protected my daughter up until the very end. We ultimately lost her as a result of canine Alzheimer's over 5 years ago. Our dwarf bunny, Sugar, who was Chelsey's buddy and both were constant companions to my very young daughter who would read to them daily. Sugar loved to watch TV, ride in a Barbie car, and lived a long life until age 13 (we were told he'd only live 5 years). And Sandy, a sweet German Shepherd/Chow mix and my first dog with my husband when we were first married more than 29 years ago. We lost Sandy to a nasty neck tumor when she was older, but I'll always remember the day we brought her home with her round belly and how she loved to hide in the laundry pile! They are so missed and always thought of. Thank you, Sue and Dogs-N-More, for this wonderful memorial. May all the pets who crossed the Rainbow Bridge be romping merrily, pain-free, and carefree in the big meadow on the other side.


  1. Great post!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  2. It is very important to know what food we MUST not eat!
    Happy New Year to all of you!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. What a great post!! I didn't know nuts were bad for our fur babies! Also raisins are very bad for them. I will be here a lot more often b/c I am cooking for my Bambi now. Have been for 5 months.
    I'll be back, Fern

  4. Such a great post.:)

    Teddy Bear

  5. Thanks for your visit to my blog and the kind words about my G-daughter. She is a lovely girl!!
    My hubby bought this very old computer for me Christmas 08 and it didn't work until Jan 09. It is a well used one from a parts house. I wanted to be able to email my G-daughter since she lives way out west. I had never used a computer before. But took right to it and was blogging in 3 months.
    Are you on Facebook too?? I am on Fb but have not been on twitter in a long while.
    xx, Bambi & Fern