Friday, May 3, 2013

Flashback Friday #29: Puppy Originals

"Time flies, but the memories collected along the way can never be replaced." ~Ashley Tisdale

With most of my photography today being shot digitally, I love coming across actual's like a sudden surprise that takes me back to when the moment was frozen in time on film. A moment I can hold in my hand and gaze upon as it drifts me back in time. While I do love the digital technology of today, there is just something about the feel and smell of a photograph. About the same way I feel about newspapers - reading them online can be such a convenience, but this old-school photojournalist still loves the feel and snap to an actual newspaper! This photo flashes back to when Gibson and Harley (our two "Originals" as I like to refer to them, the leaders of our FiveSibes pack family) where just pups. Gibson, who was about six months old here, was even smaller than Harley, who was just a year-and-a-half old pup herself! My how times have Gibson, my big wooly boy, weighs in at a newly svelte 97 pounds (down 19 pounds from two years ago!) while Harley skims the scales at 48 pounds! 

Pictured here, they had just finished being groomed and were sporting new bandanas and having fun playing in our now emptied kitchen nook. Yes, when they were pups, we emptied all our furniture out of the nook and let them have it to play in! We left behind one kitchen chair so our Queen Harley could practice her throne stance high above! Our nook has since been restored back to a human room, but they and the Pupsters still favor that room and love to sleep under the benches now like their own secret Sibe caves! It's so hard to believe these photos are from over six years ago...where does the time go?!

Happy FiveSibes™ Flashback Friday!

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  1. Cute cute. And it is oh so true, "where does the time go".

  2. You are so right, there is something to holding a photo in your hand. I remember as a kid mailing in my first set of photos to be developed from a family vacation and when they were mailed back to me, I thought I won the lottery. Great picture here and wonderful memories to boot for you.

  3. Queen Harley on her throne is just about the cutest thing ever!!! So right about actual photos! The kids still love to sit and look at old photo albums...something magical about them!

  4. Mom says she knows what you mean about the feel of a photo or the newspaper. She really hopes the printed newspaper survives.

    Two very cute pups - love the shot of the Queen on her throne:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. Ooooo, I likes that 'throne'!!! I gots to get me one of those!! BOL
    I would love a room all to myself! That sounds fun...

  6. So sweet

    Stop on by for a visit