#FlashbackFriday: The Beautiful Face That Launched #LiveGibStrong


 My beautiful Gibson ~ #Flashback ~ Purple Day 2014


With Purple Day taking place tomorrow...and our 7th Annual #LiveGibStrong K9 Epilepsy Purple Day Blog Hop & Social Media Share, I thought it fitting that today's #FlashbackFriday should be of my sweet gentle boy, Gibson, the face of a Canine Epilepsy warrior, inspiration behind my books and #LiveGibStrong K-9 Epilepsy Awareness, and why I became a Purple Day® Ambassador way back in 2012 to advocate for Epi-dogs (dogs with epilepsy). Pictured above, my sweet Gib-who was always right by my side, or feet, was keeping a watchful eye over me as I prepared for Purple Day 2014! Eight years ago!  

As so many of you know from following this blog and Gib's journey, he was an amazing dog. He never let anything keep him down for long, whether it was his seizures, his horrible reaction to his Epi-meds (potassium bromide) capsule reformation, his weak hind end, his torn CCL, or surgery for a growth on his underbelly. He rallied back in his amazing Gibbie way and just loved life. To be aorund him was to soak up all his joy. You just could not help but smile, and many times laugh, when you were with Gibson. That boy had a silly sense of humor, and he loved me so. He used to give me his "Gibbie nibbies," little nibbles after a kiss! He loved to pull my cookbooks down off the shelf and paw through them, nibbling on a few! It was almost as if he was picking out a recipe! And almost any given time, you'd find him lying down, his paws and privates to the heavens! That was always his favorite style of sleeping! I've heard that when lay upside, they are feeling content, safe, and happy. And that always made me so happy.


Oh, my silly happy boy in his fave position!

It's in my boy's name and memory, that I continue to work toward awareness and education about Canine Epilepsy and the amazing dogs, like Gibson, who live--and love--life with it.


Hope to see you all right here tomorrow, March 26, starting at 12:01 AM EST!


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  1. Gibson was one of those amazing dogs who continue to live in your heart every day. How much you love him still shows in your continued crusade for epilepsy awareness. (The "censored" on the picture of him laying on his back is great!) My flashback today is of my heart dog, too.

  2. We each have our special heart dog. You just posted about yours. Made me smile.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥

  3. Gibson was and always will be very special.


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