Friday, August 9, 2019

It's #FiveSibes Summertime Pool Party on #FlashbackFriday!

Pool Party! Nothing spells summer here quite like the sound of excitement that occurs when the FiveSibes pools are brought out and filled up with water! Always the first in (even to this very day) is our alpha bathing queen, Harley, while our sweet furangel Chloe would always tip-toe around the pool, preferring to keep her paws dry! 

Today's summertime Flashback Friday travels down Memory Lane to eight years ago during the Summer of 2011! All of my FiveSibes were together as one big, happy furry family having a splashing good time in their pools (with a little added water effect to hopefully get you in the mood) for some summertime Sibe soaking fun! Oh, what a wonderful time we all had making such marvelous memories to last the summer...and for a lifetime.

"Friends, sun, sand, and sea, 
that sounds like a summer to me." ~Unknown

Flashback Photos ~ Summer of 2011

Here's a little summer tune for you from we'll have you humming it all day!

Summertime, Summertime 
(Sung by The Jamies, 
Written by Thomas Earl Jameson & Sherman Feller) 

"Summertime summertime sum sum summertime summertime...
Well we'll go swimmin' every day
No time to work just time to play
If your folks complain just say, 
'It's summertime'
And every night we'll have a dance
Cause what's a vacation without romance
Oh man this jive gets me in a trance
Because it's summertime
It's summertime
It's summertime summertime sum sum summertime...
It's summertime" 

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  1. So cute! I think my Alaskan Klee Kai would LOVE to have a kiddie pool to play in. When it's hot he's obsessed with putting his paws in water, which usually means just in his water bowl lol. We sadly don't have a good place for a little pool for the dogs currently, but we're moving soon so hopefully next summer we will!

  2. So cool (literally). Wish my guys liked playing in the water. They avoid it like crazy and must think baths are quite enough, thank you very much.

  3. I have seen several pools in our area last summer and I know the family have dogs so I am sure a lot of splashy fun was had. Kiddy pools are the best fun for dogs.