Monday, March 5, 2018

Where's the Bacon on a Merry Meme Monday?

Rot-ohhh! Don't mess with this handsome pup's bacon! "Apollo" is the beautiful Siberian Husky of Brad Johnson, 
and we just love the caption submitted by 
Dee Kay and selected by our 
We sure hope someone saved Apollo 
a strip of delicious bacon!

Here's How ALL of Our Pet Friends 
Can Join in the Fun 
(even if your pet is not a Husky!):

To read more about our Merry Meme Fun Caption Contest, check out this post HERE!


  1. Oh, I think I smell bacon now!

  2. That is some serious payback coming! Look out! lol

  3. Since today is caucus day, the poodles took a vote and decided...bacon is definitely not the worst scent in the world. 😇

  4. Apollo wants some bacon. This is now getting me in the mood for some bacon. Thanks for the share.
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