Monday, January 15, 2018

It's Merry Meme Monday, And We Want to Feature Your Husky Pics!

We've been doing fun Merry Meme Mondays here on and off for several years and there have been so many wonderful photos and creative captions! If you'd like your Husky, Northern Breed Dog, or Any Breed/Mixed Breed Dog that is *Posed with a Husky*, join us for some fun! We post your photo on our FiveSibes: Siberian Husky K9 News & Reviews Facebook page for folks to comment with their entries for a caption, they are voted on by number of "likes," and the winning caption and writer's name, as well as photographer's name are credited on a a Merry Meme poster I create and share for all to enjoy! It's been such a fun time, we are continuing it for 2018!

What Kind of Photo Do I Submit?

Any clear photo that obviously tells some kind of story, shows something funny, silly, or perfect for a creative caption!

Do I Have to be the Photographer?

Preferably, yes. If you had someone else take the photo, we would need their written permission also to create, credit, publish, and share.

Do I Retain Rights to My Photo?

Absolutely! You are granting us the right to post, create, publish, and share as part of our FiveSibes Merry Memes only! 

Can Me or My Friends Submit a Caption When Posted?

Absolutely! The more the merrier!

Does My Photo Have to Be of a Husky?

Yes, and No! We want all of our furfriends to be able to participate! But, since we are a Siberian Husky blog, Husky or Northern Breed dogs photos are preferred, however, ANY dog or pet photo is welcome with one small stipulation--that a Husky be somehow positively featured in the photo in some way--maybe pictured with a plush Husky toy or a Husky puppet, or looking at a Husky in a photo, etc. Be creative! 

How Will I Know When You Feature My Photo?

I will contact you back either via Email or Facebook Messenger to let you know when it is up!

Will My Photo Be Posted for the Merry Meme Fun Contest Right Away?

Sometimes yes, and sometimes it may take awhile before we get to posting your photo! But when we do, you will always be notified.

If I Had a Photo That Was Featured Already as a Meme, May I Still Submit Another?


How Do I Submit A Photo?

Simple! Just Email your photo to us here at FiveSibesHuskyNews(at)gmail(dot)com! Be sure to include:

  • your pup's (or pups') name(s) 
  • your name/photographer's name (for credit). 
  • your website/blog site as we are happy to network!
  • Type "Meme Contest" in subject line
*Submission of photo grants FiveSibes permission to post, create a meme, and share!*

We do hope you'll join in the fun! Looking forward to seeing your creative photos!

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  1. OH, that sounds like fun. We will have to get Mom to work on that when life settles down. Or feel free to snag anything you want from the blog:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  2. Okay Husky ones, front and center please!

  3. What fun! Although I know Huskies are preferred, but did you know John Suter and his standard poodles competed in the Iditarod back in 1988? šŸ˜