Friday, January 4, 2013

Flashback Friday #16: Wooly Sibe Gibson Steals My Heart

Since Gibson's 7th Birthday is in just two days...January 6th...I thought today's Flashback Friday should be of him as a pup. Here he is at four months old shortly after he joined our family. He is just the sweetest, kindest, most loving canine companion who seems like "an old soul." He is one tough pup too. 
     Diagnosed with Canine Epilepsy shortly after he turned three, and a resulting low thyroid disorder, which are being treated and managed, he has also had a weak hind end and bouts of ataxia as a result of the meds, but has been having K-Laser maintenance treatments to help. A few months back he suffered from Bromide toxicity due to the pharmaceutical company's reformulation of one of his Epi-meds, and  became severely ataxic, but luckily with the guidance of our vet, he rebounded from that. 
     Now, he has damaged his right rear cruciate ligament and has been lame in his hind right leg for the past several weeks. Since he is an Epi-Husky, we are in agreement with our vet in holding off CCL surgery (like his sis Chloe had this past summer, only she totally blew out both hind legs and required emergency surgery). We are trying (and hoping and praying) to have him heal with the help of K-Laser treatments, supplements, leash walks only, and lots of bed rest. We are currently having him fitted for a special leg brace harness to support the leg while walking to aide in the healing. It is our hope that over due time scar tissue will form and he will once again be able to walk on the leg. Currently, he is pretty apt at getting around as a tri-pawd, with little or no use of the hind leg and a pretty prominent limp. I keep watching and waiting each day to see a sign of improvement, but he does have a long road ahead - six months of rest, leash walks, and treatments. Needless to say, my beautiful snow dog who loves to spend hours out in the snow, is not thrilled about all his indoor time and "house arrest." We do have an ortho bed out on the deck so he can at times lay outside and enjoy the cold, fresh air he so loves. We have to keep him separate when outside from the full pack family so he doesn't try to run, jump or be jumped on. Occasionally, one of his siblings or his "love" Harley will hang out with him in the gated off area of the deck, which we call the "chute." He looks at me with his big blue eyes and I know he just wants to be running out in the snow again...but I tell him, "Gibbie, this is to make you better." 
     We have also since discovered a few lumps and a growth, and are praying they are just fatty tumors and a skin tag. We are watching those closely.  This boy has sure had more than his fair share of battles. But each night as he settles in to sleep next to me and his brother Wolf, I reach down and pet his soft fur and thank God he is in my life. That all of them are. To know love is to receive love. And I will work as hard as I can to help him overcome his latest challenge so that when next year's snow flies, he will once again be able to roam through the soft white stuff he so loves.
     If I knew back then when this puppy photo of  him was taken what his journey in life would be like...I would have done exactly the same thing...scooped him up tightly in my arms and fill his life with lots of he fills mine each and every day.

"Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet." - Colette

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  1. Our oldest canine Angel came into our lives 13 years ago, also on January 6th... after much tragedy..I so appreciate your heartfelt words as i too can identify with the battles God puts in front of us, and our furry children...God Bless you and I for loving so much..Be healed Mr Gibson...
    Pam Strebel

  2. Happy birtday and healing, Gibson! We have a senior JRT pal here who has had some success with the laser treatments, but nothing was torn... just serious arthritis, if I have the facts straight. We wish you well and hope your mom doesn't post photos of you in your laser goggles.

  3. Gibson, me and my pack are all sending you lots of healing vibes so you can still get out there and play in the snow.

  4. Happy early Brthday Gibson! You sure are a brave dude! I, too, will be sendin' ya all the healing vibes I can muster!