Friday, November 23, 2012

Flashback Friday #10: Run, Wolf, Run!

I can remember this Flashback photo as if it was yesterday. We had just turned the three six-month old Pupsters out to run free in the yard along with Harley and Bandit, and Wolf took off with the wind at his feet. The sheer joy in his face as his Siberian Husky ancestral trait of running kicked in was just amazing to see...and it still is! 

I read this poem over on and thought it fit perfectly! Hope you enjoy it as well. 

Lone Wolf Runs on Wilderness Tundra
~by Terence George Craddock

I just am
alive delighting
in running
in wilderness

I am the lone wolf
running wild
on the tundra
the song of the wind

is freedom in my fur
the song of the wing
across the steeps the sky
runs as my companion

running water
my talisman
my rest pillow

freedom running
my home
freedom running
life pulse
* * *

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  1. We didn't know there was a "Flash Back Friday" we just thought some of you were really sentemental. How fun, I am going to ask My Vickie to go find pictures of me from long ago too. So next week we can blog hop with you.

  2. Just so cute! Love it.

  3. That is a great pic! That pup sure does have joy on his face!