Sweet! It's National Doughnut Day!

 FiveSibes Flashback ~ 2015 ~ Harley & Gibson

Doughnut (or Donut) Day...What a fun day! My FiveSibes enjoyed doughnuts in a slightly different manner, Harley and Gibson had made themselves comfy after we put air in our then new dought-styled pool floats! When I saw them in it, I just had to laugh. Huskies sure can be silly!

Hmmm...I think we had a theme doing on here...food! No wonder our FiveSibes loved our pool floats! BOL!

FiveSibes Flashback ~ 2018 ~ Chloe

Now that's not to say my FiveSibes didn't enjoy eating doughnuts, too! Of course, they were always about treats! Here our Chloe eagerly waited to sink her teeth into a yummy, homemade doggy doughnut (made by Sassie's Goodies)! 


 Do You Know How Doughnut Day Came About? 

According to the Salvation Army, "In 1938, the first-ever National Donut Day was celebrated in Chicago, and the history of The Salvation Army’s Donut Lassies was officially immortalized. In 1917, these women were sent to France to establish field bases near the front lines. In makeshift huts, thousands of soldiers would come to stock up on essential goods and grab a sweet treat baked by the Lassies."

Illustration by Salvation Army "War Cry" magazine, November 9, 1918

Continues the Salvation Army, "Both the presence of these courageous women and the donuts that tasted of home brought a light of hope and happiness to the battlefield — a much-needed morale boost for languishing soldiers. In fact, the Donut Lassies are also credited with popularizing the donut in the United States after the troops (commonly known as “doughboys”) came back from fighting in Europe. And still today, over a hundred years later, The Salvation Army continues to serve on the front lines through a wide range of social services for the most vulnerable individuals and families living in the United States."

Here's the Salvation Army's Doughnut Recipe 

"from the front lines:"


And...today, be sure to check out your local favorite doughnut haunts as you may be able to score a yummy circular confection for a discounted price or even free!

 So no matter what type of doughnut you like, enjoy!

We want to know...
Do you call it a DOUGHNUT or DONUT? 
Tell us in the comments!
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  1. I'll bet a lot of those yummy treats will be eaten today!

  2. No matter how it is spelled, it's good! My favorite place is Tastee Donuts.


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