Red-Nosed Huskies For Red Nose Day to Help End Child Poverty

Is your nose red? It should be! Why? It's the 10th Anniversary of Red Nose Day! 

My FiveSibes donned red noses back in 2017 and each year after of their lives and all for a great cause— in support of ending child poverty across the globe.  

Red Nose Day, in its 10th year, is an initiative by the non-profit Comic Relief, with it's mission "We Exist For One Purpose: To End Poverty." Did you know that "nearly one in six children in the U.S." are living in poverty today? 

Together, with our dogs (who are a child's best friend to so many) as our co-advocates, we can be the change for children in need by joining together to reach Red Nose Day's goal to "end child poverty--one nose at a time." 

Here, at FiveSibes, our Huskies joined us humans in spreading the word and mission. We hope you will, too!


Did you know...? 

"In the US alone, around 12 million children – that’s nearly 1 in 6 – live in poverty. Globally, about 663 million children are deprived of one or more basic needs, like food, shelter, safe drinking water, sanitation, healthcare or education." 

Today, Red Nose Day does even more. They believe in creating a healthy future for children.  How? Within "holistic balance" of their four pillars:

1. Safe,

2. Healthy,

3. Educated, and 

4. Empowered


Did you know...? 
"Poverty can affect their physical and social-emotional health and development. It can stand in the way of their education. It can be a barrier to opportunities and keep kids from becoming their best selves."

  "Thanks to our donors like you, Red Nose Day has already helped nearly 35 million children and families. Because poverty impacts children in so many different ways, we fund programs that help kids throughout their lives, from healthcare support for pregnant moms to on-campus assistance for first-generation college students.  Together we’ve made tremendous progress, but our work isn’t finished. With nearly one in six children in the U.S. living in poverty right now, there are so many more kids we can help with your support."

We can do even more! For more info on how you can help "End Child Poverty" by donating, fundraising, holding informative events, and to check out what the celebrities are doing to help, visit the official Red Nose Day website HERE. We hope our amazing pet-loving community joins together to help our human children to live with joy and love, and to one day never know what poverty is.

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An added bonus for this year, make a donation on their website HERE and you are entered to win a "real-life childhood ream experience"* from:

1. Crush a Car in a Monster Truck 🛻

2. Own a Cotton Candy Castle 🏰

3. Eat a Life-Size Cookie of Yourself 🍪

4. Have Your Face Put on a Hot Air Balloon 🎈

5. Erupt a Giant Model Volcano 🌋

6. Befriend A Penguin 🐧
*Each time you donate, you can choose another fun experience!

Did you know...?


To date, Red Nose Day has provided*:

🔴 41M+ Meals to Hungry American Children
🔴 1.4M+ Children With Educational Support
🔴 1.9M+ Children & Youth in Safety Programs 


Watch TV Tonight With Your Pets!

Join in the 2024 10 Year Anniversary Celebration by watching NBC for "Cheers to Ten Years" at 8pm ET/PT on Red Nose Day—May 23rd—and the Red Nose Day edition of "The Wall" at 9pm ET/PT.


"Less Childhood Poverty ~ More Childhood"

Children are our future, so let's help them today.

I'm very proud of our #FiveSibes poster supporting Red Nose Day. It is the recipient of the 2017 Maxwell Medallion for "Excellence" by the Dog Writers Association of America.
Together, we can help spread the word and help children in America and across the globe.
So, don those red noses and donate and/or share the news about Red Nose Day...and remember, you can make a difference in a child's life ANYday!
Thank You!
For other ways you can help anytime,
We are so very thankful for food and fun for our grandchildren, and are thankful for those who help all children in need.
We are joining in the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop! You can, too!


  1. Such a good cause but it sure is sad that the need is so great. Thanks for joining Angel Brian's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  2. It's an excellent cause, and when I get paid tomorrow, I will go to their website.

  3. What a great organization and such a fun way to donate! I don't know how I miss Red Nose Day every year. I'm going to have to mark my calendar at the start of May next year to look for the day. Super information, Dorothy! It's just crazy that children go hungry in this country. It's even worse during the summer months. My hope is always that in the near future all children and people will have enough to eat and Red Nose Day (while fun) won't be needed. I know that's a bit Pollyanna, but you've got to have hope, right? I'm sharing with all my dog parents and encouraging them to donate.

  4. Such a great cause, no child should starve, it breaks my heart especially in a country like this where there is so much wealth to go around. Thank you so much for sharing and opening peoples eyes to this problem

  5. Love the cause! Good job getting the word out about Red Nose Day and children's poverty. What a fun way to let people know how they can help!

  6. It is truly dreadful that in this day and age we need to have such events and organisations to keep kids safe. Desperately upsetting. The same is still in the UK poorer people are in desperate straits and cannot pay power bills so kids get cold (and don't even think about Christmas). On the positive side, your Huskies really raised a smile - images like this can raise money by making people smile (these days we need that so much).

    PS I LOVE the Eat a Life Sized Cookie of yourself it had me in fits!!!

    Marjorie and Toulouse

  7. Great initiative! It's horrible that so many children, especially in a rich country like ours, are food insecure or live in poverty. They deserve so much better.


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