Pet Blogger Parents: What Are Your Thoughts on "TIME?"

Dear Fellow Pet Blogger Caregivers...

I'm working on a blog article about what many of us long-timers must feel/go through from starting out with our beloved dogs, to now, in some cases years or decades after they are with us...loss is something we all eventually go through. ***There is a deadline for this. Please see bottom of post. Please Email me (address at end of post) with the following:
1) Generally speaking, What does "time" mean to you? 
2) What does it mean to you as a Dog Parent/Caregiver? 
3) How does looking back a) help you, b) hinder you? c) make you feel? 
4) How does the passing of a beloved pet change/affect your blog, website, social media? Please give your site name/URL.
5) And lastly, but not least...What words of wisdom can you share about this journey with someone just starting out? 
If you would like to answer and be quoted, please Email me at FiveSibes(at)gmail(dot)com (and replace the words in parenthesis with the @ and . symbols)! In subject line, put "Time."

Feel free to include photos of your pets (you are writing about)! And of course, I will give photo credit (be sure to let me know who took the pic).


  1. For a four questions, time is a precious gift that should never be ignored.

  2. Funny that you posted this just now. I saw it on Facebook last week and was just finishing up writing something for you. I should be sending it in the next few minutes. LOL


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