Woo! Doggies in the Window

 "Woo! Hey, Mom. Whatchya doing outside?"

FiveSibes #Flashback ~ Bandit, Wolf & Harley ~ June 2012

This was my (p)awesome view when I was out on the back deck one early June day writing by the pool. Even with the A/C on, I always left the window up a bit so they could see me and I could talk with them while they stay cool. Looking back now, their expressions crack me up. They must have thought I was weird being on the outside looking in! How was this 12 years ago, when in my mind's eye, it seems like just last spring?



“The window is an invitation to pause and ponder, to witness the magic of life unfolding." 
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  1. Sweet memories like that are THE best.

    Woos - Misty and Timber

  2. Love those snooters looking out and sniffing the scents!

  3. They DO make me smile! What a trio of faces, how DID you get any work done?!?!?! I would be stopping every five minutes for a chat and a treat. What a memory :-)

    Marjorie and Toulouse
    Dash Kitten

  4. What a beautiful picture that must bring back such happy memories. Times flies by way too quickly, and we really notice it when we look back on old pictures that feel like they were taken yesterday.

  5. What a great photo! You have so many lovely photos of your pack (FiveSibes). I guess that probably happens when you're a photographer. LOL

    I bet they did think you were odd outside in the heat when they were cool inside. Your photos always make me smile. Time certainly does fly! I just noticed the other day that my mom will have passed 6 years ago in June. Seems like yesterday. And my last horse passed over 16 years ago. Why does time go so quickly?

    As always, I love your fun memories and beautiful photos. I'm sharing with all my dog parents.

  6. Awww love the photo. They look like they’re laughing at you outside while they are inside where it’s cool. Or maybe they are jealous because you are outside?


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