Fellow Coffee (and Tea) Lovers: Grab a Cuppa Husky Coffee Co. Blend! Here's Our Review & News!

Woo! My AI "Wolfie" is waiting for me to drink my Husky Coffee!

Woo! I'm pretty excited to share the news that FiveSibes is now an affiliate of Husky Coffee Co.! If you've been following me for any amount of time, you know besides Huskies, I love horses, and coffee! I am a confirmed java nut! When I find a good coffee, I need to wooooo about it! And I have found a great coffee! I love Husky Coffee and they are an amazing in so many ways ~ including how the freshly grind your blend upon ordering ~ and I love this coffee so much, I'm thrilled to announce that I'm now an affiliate!

Husky Coffee Co. has COFFEE, TEA and DOG TREATS, too! 

As you know, I've always only become an affiliate with companies/brands I have worked with firsthand or personally use or like the ...I will never share anything that I do not personally enjoy or use.


Note: As an affiliate, it simply means if you click on our link and make a qualifying purchase, we could earn a small commission *at no extra cost to you!*

Now, I love coffee. But...I am a total coffee snob! I admit it. I love GOOD coffee! Bad coffee can hit the road! I love the kind of coffee that you can tell right from when you first open the bag and catch a whiff, you know you are in for a great cuppa! That is exactly how I'm feeling right now as my Ninja is once again brewing up some Husky Coffee.

The Husky Coffee Co.'s Cowboy Blend is just what you expect and want when you get up in the morning and need that mug of coffee to clear the fog and jump into your day.  First, off, being a cowgirl in my youth, who is also the daughter of a Montana cowboy, the title of this blend naturally caught my attention! From first whiff of the freshly grounded beans, I just knew this is exactly what one wants to savor before heading to work...whether it is rounding up cattle or talking with customers...no matter what your job is, Cowboy Blend is the morning kickstarter!

This morning I was feeling in holiday spirit and so I just brewed up a pot of Husky Coffee Co.'s Mint Blend because it's my daughter's favorite flavor. When I tell you the aroma is divine...it is. Think of the delicious aroma of brewing coffee, mingled with a bit of peppermint candy cane, wafting through the house...Mmmm. I do love flavor coffees, but honestly, they need to be really good. Some leave an aftertaste, while others miss the mark on the flavor. Not Husky Coffee Co.! This Mint is subtle, refreshing, and delicious! It's not too much, and not too little--the essence of mint is there, and, Oh, yum! Add a little peppermint whip cream on top of it and Wow! What a delectable mug of holiday coffee to enjoy and savor!!! And yes, perfect for breakfast or any time of the day!
It's like pouring a little coffee magic into my mug!

Husky Coffee Co. donates 20% of profits from sales of their coffees to Husky rescues and no-kill shelters?

Right now, the following Rescues are benefactors of Husky Coffee Co. (in alpha order):

  • Arctic Spirit Rescue, Inc.
  • AZ Husky Rescue
  • Few Steps From Home Animal Rescue & Sanctuary
  • Free Spirit Siberian Husky Rescue
  • Husky Halfway House
  • Husky House Siberian Husky & Fellow K-9 Rescue
  • Jailbreak Husky Rescue
  • Louisiana Husky Rescue
  • Northern Exposure Siberian Husky Rescue
  • Shadow Husky Rescue
  • Taysia Blue Rescue
  • Texas Husky Rescue
  • Texas Sled Dog Rescue
  • Wolf Spirit Sled Dog Rescue

"Every abandoned dog deserves a second chance. At Husky Coffee Co., we use the sale of our single origin and blended coffees to help them find new homes. Twenty percent of our profits benefit no-kill animal shelters, dog foster care organizations, and Husky Rescue operations. You benefit from big, bold flavor — dogs benefit from your giant heart."~Husky Coffee Co.


Okay - so Husky Coffee Co.—besides their great name, and besides the fact that they donate to Husky rescues, this coffee is absolutely AH-mazing and meets this coffee snob's taste test!  



Want to try Husky Coffee Co. coffee? (I highly recommend it!) 

Or maybe tea is your drink of choice? 



Husky Coffee Co. has 9 different Tea Blends!

20% of profits are donated to Husky rescues in need.

For every tea you buy, get one half-off!

 Visit HERE! 




 Or...maybe you're here for the dog treats!

Dog Treats

  Husky Coffee Co. baked dog treats are shipped fresh, within 1-2 working days of your order.

20% of profits are donated to Husky rescues in need.

Save 50%! For every bag you buy, get one half-off!


Right now, for the month of December, Husky Coffee Co. will send a bag of treats to a rescue of your choice listed on their drop-down menu of participating Rescues when you order a bag of treats for your dog! (They will do this right up until the end of the year~December 31st!)

Husky Coffee Co. has not only delicious coffee for us humans, but also tasty treats for dogs, apparel, gift baskets, and so much more!


 Order one for your pup and one (for free) to a Husky Rescue from their drop-down menu!
 Husky Coffee Co. Holiday Treats
PawScript...they have mugs, too!

I love this mug! (I'm a bit of a mug-o-holic!) 
Putting it on my Christmas list!


And there's so much more!

The biggest reason I here at FiveSibes joined up with Husky Coffee Co. is because of their delicious, freshly ground coffee ~and~ how they give back to Husky Rescues. How wonderful is that?

I can highly recommend the Mint and Cowboy Blends! I'll be ordering more blends, too! If you love coffee, add Husky Coffee Co. to your "Must Have" list!


Even the Elves took some time out of their busy season and are enjoying the Mint blend, topped with a little peppermint whip cream!


Of course, I'm giving this Husky Coffee Co. a 4-out-of-4 Paws Up Rating ~and thrilled to be an affiliate of this company who gives back to Husky and Northern Breed Rescues !


And...since it is our #FlashbackFriday post, too, here's a sweet pic back to when my Husky "assistants" Bandit and Wolfie were here to give my morning coffee a good Sibe sniff! I do miss my furry buddies. ๐Ÿ’–

FiveSibes #Flashback Photo ~ 2019 ~ Pupsters Bandit & Wolfie
๐Ÿ’š Memories Are Visits For the Heart ๐Ÿ’š


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  1. This is really cool, will check it out. Used to grind fresh beans (the best way), but have become a "lazy" pod user now ... maybe they have pods??? Wonderful that they donate, so needed. BTW, have you ever seen the Rocky Kanava YouTube, his shelter/rescue visit with the sibe Henry? So bittersweet and touching, can send link if you wish ... Happy Happy Christmas, Dorothy to you and yours! WOOOOOOOOOOO!

  2. I no longer drink coffee but boy, that sure sounds like a really good one!

  3. I love when companies share with rescues, it shows they care, I am putting this on my bucket list for next time I shop for coffee as I am a coffee addict, thank you for telling me about them

  4. I'm a coffee snob as well. I love hearing about good coffee from another coffee snob. I'm really intrigued by some of the flavored coffees like Pecan Pie, Caramel, Cinnabun, and Pumpkin Spice. But I'm also looking forward to trying Good Morning Breakfast, Holiday Blend, and Cowboy Husky Blend. It looks like you've found a great company. You know I LOVE a company that has a charitable twist! This looks like a wonderful company! I'm truly looking forward to my first cup of Husky Coffee. Thank you for sharing and congratulations on the affiliate!

  5. What a genius move, something so many people love AND you can help a Husky. How cool is that!!!

    I love your photos, the coffee mug one made me LAUGH! Those dogs are so precious (and way out of my skill set!) but they fill me with admiration for their lovely looks and the love they inspire in people.

    Marjorie and Toulouse
    Dash Kitten

  6. I love companies that give back, especially to animal rescue! This sounds like a great product - I love the smell of coffee but I don't drink it! My husband is the coffee snob at our house LOL! The graphics in this post are beautiful!


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