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Flashback ~ Christmas 2014 ~ Brothers Wolfgang & Gibson



 It's Black Friday (we hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving) and that means it is the official kickoff to the Christmas season!  Today is a fun post! We love decorating the tree, don't you? Here's our FiveSibes Siberian Husky Tree Ornament Gift Guide just for you!

*Affiliate Note: There are some Amazon affiliate posts in this post, which simply means if you click on an item, and order it through our link, we will get a tiny commission *at no extra cost to you.* Thank you!

Every year I'd buy a special Christmas ornament just for my FiveSibes, and even now, I continue to add a special one for them on my tree. Sometimes it was a fun one where I'd list all of their names, and sometimes it was a dog or dog-related one. Since this was fun for me, I thought I'd share this fun post highlighting some of our very favorite Siberian Husky Christmas ornaments that are available to purchase! 

So many of these listed are just adorable. And, some even offer choices of other dog breeds as well, so whether you have a Husky or some other wonderful breed (or mix), be sure to click and check around!

Do you have any special ones on your tree? 

If not, add some!


Ready to do a little shopping with us for a friend, or yourself?

Woo! Let's go shopping!

I have this one and love it! I love anything that resembles blown glass.




This one is on my list! Reminds me so much of my Wolfie boy.



 This one is truly sweet. On my list!

 Another favorite blown-glass Husky ornament!


I do love large nutcrackers and collect them. This is adorable for the tree!


 Okay, who doesn't like Precious Moments? And a Husky to boot! This one is so cute and it is dated 2022, but wants to be added to any Siberian Husky ornament collector's tree!


This is another special one. It was a gift from a dear friend in memory of my Epi-dog Gibson. Purple is the color of Canine Epilepsy awareness. 


Who doesn't love a Hallmark ornament? This one sits proudly on my tree! 

This little cute 4" ornament sits on our tree!


I want this one! How about you?

This one is very pretty and sparkly! 

Another fave Hallmark one!

Having specialized ornaments, or ornaments that hold a meaning, is so very important and part of all the memories - past and present - that make up our Christmas tree traditions.

 The year Wolfie passed, it was right before Christmas and I had a special frame snowflake ornament made with his photo because in true "snow dog" Husky manner, snow was so symbolic of him. While this is a different frame, it is quite pretty for your snow dog, or as a memorial ornament.


Happy Shopping!


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  1. Yes! I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving and now the Christmas season is in full swing. Ah the memories of your five huskies! I had trouble seeing the images but can imagine a custom snowflake ornament to honor the memory of your fur baby was extra special. The holidays are a great time for holiday cheer, joy, love and reflecting on the love shared and memories made with your beloved family furry family members that have passed on. Wishing you much joy this holiday!

  2. Oh wow, all of these are ornaments Aren't they perfect! I can imagine every dog owner (not just Husky fans) who would absolutely adore these. What a treat of lovely ornaments! Thank you so much for showcasing these. I am adding this to my share list!

    Marjorie and Toulouse
    Dash Kitten

  3. Dang, I couldn't see any of the ornaments but I know they had to be special.

  4. This is such a sweet idea! My mom used to add ornaments to the tree every year for us kids. I hadn't thought about that for Henry or since mom passed. Now, you have me wanting to see if there's a Henry ornament. Oh, you know, I need a new angel. I may use one of your links and look for a Henry angel. Or would that be a bad thing? Maybe I'll stick with an ornament. See, my mind is all other the place with this lovely idea! Great post and I truly do love this idea. I just can't believe I didn't think of it before. Of course, I'm sharing with my all dog parents so they can start a beautiful tradition as well.

  5. We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I love your ideas and how you turn them into memories, Not doing Christmas here I do not have a tree but the idea is amazing


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