#WaitingWednesday Spotlight: Ranch Cucamonga Animal Center

Read more about beautiful Tyra, Jax, Sierra, and several other gorgeous Huskies further down in this post and how you can adopt them from today's highlighted rescue~Rancho Cucamonga Animal Center!




Welcome back to our FiveSibes #WaitingWednesday posts where we highlight rescues and feature some of their adoptable dogs and dogs waiting for a foster home! We here at FiveSibes will continue to periodically post Siberian Huskies and northern breed dogs who are in need of loving homes while also highlighting the rescue they are at. 

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forever loving homes for these precious dogs.

This week, our featured rescue is the Rancho Cucamonga Animal Center! Be sure to scroll down to see some of their beautiful adoptable Huskies and Husky mixes!


Organization Contact Information

Rancho Cucamonga (RC) Animal Center

11780 Arrow Route
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

Phone Number: (909) 466-7387

General Email: RCPets@CityofRC.us

For Dogs Needing Rescue: intakes@aahmn.org

Website: https://www.cityofrc.us/animal-center



Rancho Cucamonga Animal Center Mission Statement: 


"Our Mission, Creating PAWsitive Impact By

 Enriching the Lives of Animals and People."


RC now offers select services by appointment:

  • Owner Surrender Appointments
  • Microchipping
  • Animal Licensing Assistance
  • Post-Surgical Pickups
  • Foster Medical Clinic Appointments and Foster Returns


 Rancho Cucamonga Animal Center 

Contact Info: 

Adoption Information:
Surrender Information:

Rancho Cucamonga Animal Center Facebook Page: 

I came across this rescue and all the Huskies they have looking for loving, forever homes after watching a video about one such Siberian Husky, "Elias," that was featured in a recent story in Newsweek, showing this beautiful Husky just sitting there, watching, as he is being passed by again and again as people walk by his kennel...and it's heartbreaking. So many--TOO MANY--dogs face this reality. Elias found his way to Ranch Cucamonga (RC) Animal Shelter just last month, which led me on a search for him to share his story and it led me to the rescue. While I did not see him listed any longer, and that hopefully meant he has found a family to love, I felt the need to highlight the other Huskies in their care waiting for homes. I hope you'll take the time to look at the ones I have shared here, and please share the link to this post to hopefully help RC find homes for these beauties. Thank you.
 ~Dorothy "FiveSibesMom"

Happy Update:  (I received a note on our FiveSibes: Siberian Husky K9 News & Reviews Facebook page that Elias was indeed adopted. Woo!)



Meet Some of the Beautiful Rancho Cucamonga Adoptables...






What's the #FiveSibes #WaitingWednesday 
All About?

It's about becoming a "village" to help rescues, homeless Huskies, and all abandoned pets of any species in need. It's also to share breed information to help educate folks so they understand the traits, habits, and needs of specific breeds, such as the Siberian Husky,  BEFORE they welcome one into their home to ensure the home will be a forever one. While initially this was a blog hop, due to lack of participation, it is no longer a hop, but definitely a feature that will be reappearing with the hopes that you will share our blog post with others to help these beautiful homeless Huskies, Siberian Husky mixes, Malamutes, and other northern breed dogs find their loving forever families!

 #BreedEducate2Relate Siberian Huskies FiveSibes.blogspot.com

Also, please be sure to read a very important and informative blog article wrote, #BreedEducate2Relate: It Takes A Village to Help Huskies in Need about the explosion of Siberian Huskies being abandoned and to become on educated on the breed before welcoming one into a home, as well as an equally important companion article in 4Knines titled Siberian Husky Rescues: A Heartfelt Mission to Help the Homeless. I hope if you have not read these, you will and share with others, too. 

How You Can Join in Our "Village" to  Help Homeless Huskies... 

Simply SHARE this blog post with your followers! Maybe someone you know is looking for a beautiful forever Husky furry friend that is listed in our posts! And...if you'd like to write a blog post about what we are doing here at FiveSibes, feel free to include the image below and our blog address: https://fivesibes.blogspot.com


Our Badge:

While we here at FiveSibes randomly select rescues to highlight, if you are with a non-profit rescue of northern breed dogs (and mixes of both), and want to be sure I feature your rescue, please send me your info and some of your adoptables to highlight in an upcoming “Waiting Wednesday” post! Feel free to Email info and photos to FiveSibes(at)gmail(dot)com and put 
“Waiting Wednesday Adoptable” in subject line!

Husky Pack Gif by PurpleRat-YS/Deviant Art 


  1. I just LOVE when you feature these beautiful dogs waiting for a furever home! I saw Elias and how he looked so sad when people passed him by without even a look. My heart broke. The life of a shelter pet is sad. It's why I, as you do as well, encourage people to adopt rather than purchase a new furry family member. Rescue dogs and pets, in general, are the best! I'm hoping that all these beautiful pups are adopted and my really big pie (or doggie cookie) in the sky is that all the dogs and pets have homes and shelters aren't needed. Hey, what is there without hope, right? Well, and a bit of action and nudging too. I'm certainly sharing this with all my dog parents and encouraging them to adopt or foster. Keep us post, if at all possible, on their adoption status.

  2. Aww thanks for shedding a spotlight on this organization and also the need for people to adopt from rescues and shelters. All of the huskies are so adorable and their personality shines through their photos. I'm happy to learn Elias did indeed get adopted. May they all find their forever homes soon! Sharing your post to help spread the word.

  3. What beautiful Huskies! I just love Tyra's adorable face - what a smile! Huskies really are not for everyone,, you must research the breed Before you bring one into your home! - Cathy Armato


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