FiveSibes Blog & #LiveGibStrong K9 Epilepsy Resource Library Wins "Excellence" Award!

I believe Wolfie knew just how important this medal was; and so glad I have this photo to share my most recent exciting news! 
A Drum Roll Please...

I'm so very honored ~ and proud ~ to announce that my FiveSibes blog and #LiveGibStrong K9 Epilepsy Online Resource Library has been awarded the coveted Dog Writers association of America's  (DWAA) Maxwell Medallion for "Excellence!"

 Wow!!! This truly means so much to me.

 So very proud of this award. 

To view the Blog visit here: FiveSibes

(Click on More up top for Pages, including About the Siberian Husky Breed, Rescues, Lost & Found Info, Transport Info, Our ArcticHouse Bookstore & Gift Shoppe, and the #LiveGibStrong K9 Epilepsy Online Resource Library, Gift Guides, Epi-Star Stories, and much more. can go directly to the  K9 Epilepsy Online Resource Library here: #LiveGibStrong


And very proud of this nomination...

 While my "Keep Us Cool" poster featuring my boy, Wolfie, did not win, it did receive a "Nomination" for Excellence! Keeping dogs cool and well-hydrated is so important!

This prestigous award is for you, my beloved forever FiveSibes. Bottom clockwise: Gibson, Chloe, Wolfgang, Bandit, and Harley

This FiveSibes™ blog was started 13 years ago in February 2010 as a way to share life with five amazing Siberian Huskies--as you know they were Harley, Gibson, and our thee littermate Pupsters Wolfgang (Wolfie), Chloe, and Bandit. As a career photojournalist and author, I thought, why not share this awesome life with five Siberian Huskies with others as well as researching information to share on the breed including health and training tips.

 So, why is this a #FlashbackFriday post? Well, the photo of Wolfie wearing the beautiful Maxwell Medallion up top is my flashback to 2019 when I won the prestigious medal for Excellence in writing for my fiction story, "Hope's Haven,"about rescue Huskies that was published in AmericanPet Magazine, and inspired by my Siberian Huskies. I shared this medal with both Wolfie and Bandit, and in my heart, all five of my beloved FiveSibes. 

Wolfie and Bandit picked up on my excitement when the Maxwell Medallion arrived! Flashback 2019

Flashback ~ 2016 ~ Harley, she knew this was exciting!

The amazing spread in AmericanPet Magazine, 2019 featuring me wearing one of the prestigous medals!
I am resharing this pic because I thought, why reinvent the wheel and take another photo? Besides, I'm happiest behind the camera and having had my FiveSibes shine as my subjects!

The photo of Harley, is from 2016, when a blog article I wrote, "A Tale of Two Shelter Dogs," won the medal for "Excellence" based upon my two adopted rescue dogs, Chelsey and Sandy, both who were adopted from our local SPCA. I also won for a Red Nose poster.

To win the prestigious DWAA's Maxwell Medallion for "Excellence" is truly an honor.

To share these wins, it's important to me that even sans dogs, that my photos show them, my sole inspiration for the FiveSibes blog and for Epilepsy resource library. Post-humously, these awards are theirs. I am merely an instrument to tell their stories, and am so proud that this is their legacy.

A little history...

Our beautiful black and white alpha queen (and "momma" to our pupsters who were not of her blood); Gibson, a wooly Siberian Husky; and our three "Pupsters" littermates Wolfgang, Chloe, and Bandit - in a nutshell--all of my FiveSibes--for more than a decade and a half gave me my expertise with the wonderful breed of the Siberian Husky, which I share on my blog under the page tabs for About the Breed, Rescues, Transporters, and so much more. If you are thinking of welcoming a Siberian Husky into your home, please read up on the breed on my blog! #BreedEducate2Relate is our hashtag when we also share many beautiful homeless Huskies in need of love and a forever family. Educating oneself on the breed is so important BEFORE bringing a Husky into your home in order to ensure it becomes a FOREVER HOME. They deserve nothing less.

Then there's Gibson...

My big fluffy heart dog and spirit animal was my total lovebug Gibson, who was diagnosed shortly after he turned three with idiopathic Canine Epilepsy, which threw us head first into our journey of finding out everything possible about epilepsy including causes of triggers, nutrition, supplements, medications, and holistic therapies. As a result I became an official Purple Day Ambassador in 2012 advocating for dogs with seizures, like my Gibson. I founded #LiveGibStrong, an educational and informational campaign about Canine Epilepsy, and also partnered with the human non-profit, Purple Day Every Day, present by The Anita Kaufmann Foundation for my #Paws4Purple initiative. I also authored two books and many articles on Canine Epilepsy, all inspired by my Gibson, who embraced life and never ever let epilepsy stop him from enjoying life. That was my inspiration behind #LiveGibStrong—to help others who are on this sometimes very scary journey with their own dog to know they are not alone! I compiled years worth of information...that has been share and help other families have correct information (in order to have an in-depth conversation with their own vets in order to devise a health plan for their own Epi-dog). This has become my heart project. To know it has received the highest recogbition from the Dog Writers Association of America is truly an honor for what has been my life's work in the Canine Epilepsy field since 2009.

I am so thankful, too, that I always took photos of my FiveSibes. My parting words of wisdom...enjoy each and every day and take those photos, for they one day will be special visits for your heart.


My Dear Fivesibes "Kids"...

hese awards are dedicated to you, for without you my beloved FiveSibes, there would be no FiveSibesMom, no FiveSibes blog, no #LiveGibStrong and #Paws4Purple Canine Epilepsy Awareness...I owe these awards to you, my beloved FiveSibes. And while I continue your legacy in what I hope will be years to come, I sure miss you all and our amazing fun-filled days together, and I always will. A piece of my heart will forever be yours. 

Love always, 

Your Forever FiveSibesMom

For all the years of your devoted readership of my FiveSibes blog and my coordinating FiveSibes: Siberian Husky K9 News & Reviews Facebook page and @FiveSibesMom on Instagram and Twitter!

Your devoted following means the world to me!


💛 Memories Are Visits For the Heart 💛




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Happy Friday! 







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  1. That is quite an honor, and well deserved! Congratulations! Dogs provide such great inspiration for stories and posts, I don’t know what I’d write about without them!

  2. You just amaze3 me with your dedication, congratulations you deserve it and I love the photos of the pups celebrating with you and smiling at the medallion, what a beautiful memory

  3. Woof-sized congratulations for this special recognition. Your library has guided Elsa and me through the world of epileptic dogs-we can't thank you enough for sharing all that amazing info! Bless you. 🥇🏆🥇

  4. Oh WOW, that is truly so wonderful and big congratulations from all of us. You do so much to bring awareness to K9 Epilepsy. We're so happy for you. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  5. The FiveSibes are so proud of you and so am I. ♥

  6. Congratulations!!!!! I'm not at all surprised! You should have awards that should reach to the moon and back several time. Truly you do amazing work and I'm so happy you are recognized for it. I'm also so happy you had the adorable photo of Wolfie with the Medal. What a great memory! I'm certain they're all zooming about in exciting for your win. Henry and I are doing a happy dance for you. Well, Henry's doing more of a nap, which is pre-zoom excitement. ;) I'm sharing this with all my dog parents so they'll know exactly how important your work is and to share your work as well.


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