Road Trippin' With Your Dog ~ My New 4Knines Article & A #FlashbackFriday Memory


#Flashback Photo ~ Harley and Gibson in the Car ~ 2011

All of my FiveSibes I'm proud to say absolutely LOVED car rides, especially Harley and Gibson! Oh, the excitement of going "in the car" was addicting! And there was no better passenger than Harley. She'd jump right in and sit by a window and never move! Gibson, always in love with her, would take up a seat right by her side. Naturally, we stopped at our local favorite spot for some vanilla ice cream as a treat.  Today, for our #FlashbackFriday post, it's a pic from one of those fabulous car rides they loved so much---and I'll admit, I was pretty proud to be driving around with them! Yup, a little bit of a show off because they were so beautiful and so well-mannered.


 Let me hear some "Woooos!"

Why? Because I'm thrilled to report that I am back writing for 4Knines! After a little change for them, and then a move, the pandemic, and a surgery for me, I'm happy to say, "I'm baaaack!" Here's my first article of the New Year for them and it's my tips for "Road Trippin' With Your Dog,"

"To a dog, motoring isn't just a way of getting from here to there, it's also a thrill and an adventure." ~Jon Winokur  

Now that the holidays have passed, there seems to be a long stretch of winter that has us all itching to do something, and our dogs are no different. So, while we all wait for the warmer temps where we can be out more with our beloved dogs, check out my latest article where I share some great tips for traveling with your dog, as well as links to some top-notch sites that focus on dog-friendly travel spots!

You can also check out my earlier article on FiveSibes Travel Tips, too!



Do you have some favorite places to visit with your dog, spring, summer, winter, or fall? Share them with us! Which of my tips in the Road Trippin' article are your favorite(s)! Let me know in the comments! 

In the meantime, safe travels!


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  1. Woo...oooooo! Congrats on having your article published with 4Knines. I absolutely love that company; their seat protectors have made traveling even more fun without having to worry about the car being trashed once we get there. 💜

  2. Congrats to being back writing with 4Knines! Great article there and fabulous article here as well. I LOVED seeing Harley and Gibson in the flashback photo. So freaking cute! I hope you've recovered from your surgery and can look forward to some vacations this year. You've provided great tips and I'm sharing with my dog parents.

  3. Great post and I would love to do more road trips with Layla but with age she is not enjoying them as much although my friend and I try when the weather is good to go to different places in our area in the car. Great post and congratulations on writing for 4Knines :)

  4. I loved your article, thank you again for featuring my blog as one you recommend! How wonderful that all 5 of your fur angels loved car rides. Beautiful photos & memories. My Husky Icy Loves it too, she knows the car means an adventure is about to begin! We road trip often with the dogs & one of our favorite destinations is Waterville Valley, New Hampshire. There's a fabulous dog friendly walking trail there & Icy just loses control with all that SNOW!


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