Wolfie, Thief of My Heart on a #FlashbackFriday

#Flashback ~ September 15, 2013 ~ Wolfie


Today, this precious photo of my now furangel boy Wolf popped up in my Facebook feed from 2013...nine years ago, today. My caption was "My baby boy Wolf just steals my heart." Sigh. I just stopped and gazed it for a long while. He was just four years old when I took this photo of him. Oh, how I loved how he used to make himself right at home in bed. When it was hot int he summer, he'd be all stretched out like this in front of the a/c. And, he loved his Lamb Chop! 

I am still going through those painful "firsts" with his loss - this was the first summer without him, now we are heading into my first Autumn without him. Autumn (besides snowy winter) was our favorite time of year for colorful walks where he'd explore the woods around us. Loss is hard, but everything in that first year following is truly tough. I used to joke that he was my teenager because he loved to sleep! I like to think he is happily resting now whenever he wants with the rest of his pack family he so missed--his littermates Chloe and Bandit, and his big brother Gibson, and adoptive momma, Harley. While I long for them to be here with me, I take comfort in knowing they are now all back together, forever in my heart. And I am so thankful for the many photos of these beautiful memories that truly are visits for this FiveSibesMom's aching heart.

Make time for snuggles and hugs. Take those photos. Cherish the memories while they are current moments. You'll be glad you did.

 "I missed you yesterday, I miss you today, I'll miss you tomorrow, and I'll miss you for the rest of my days." ~Author Unknown


 ♥︎ Memories are Visits for the Heart ♥︎



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Happy Friday! 



  1. Oh Dorothy, my heart aches for you and your love of Wolfie. Such a cute photo of him all cuddled up. FB memories are a blessing and a curse. I stare at mine for a long time too. HUGS ♥

  2. It's sure never easy, hugs from all of us.

  3. Such a precious memory about a precious boy. Sending gentle thoughts your way.

  4. What an absolutely darling photo of your boy. You're right, firsts are difficult and uncomfortable. But thankfully, we have photos and memories to help remember happier firsts. Henry and I are sending you hugs and love.

  5. Wolfie was so beautiful, just like your other furbabies. I can't imagine how the losses through these last couple of years feels for you. It's a lot to lose in a short time. Memories are great but the sorrow never fully leaves. I was devastated losing my little Phoebe this year. Icy has changed so much since her passing, it really worries me. She is aging so fast before my eyes and it terrifies me. When my Icy leaves me I fear it will destroy me.

  6. I just adore your photos--such wonderful memories. Even when that's all that is left, it brings back the good times. I got tons of Jasmine's photos and, by now, tons of Cookie's photos too.

  7. That must be one of the sweetest and most loving photos of a Husky EVER. What an enchanted moment that makes us smile with such warmth and love (and a little giggle!) What a lovely dog and, no, I am not surprised he is greatly missed.


  8. This is such a sweet photo of Wolfie. Sending you lots of love, I know how hard that first year is.


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