Missing Our Alpha Queen, the OG of #FiveSibes, On Her 3rd Rainbow Bridge Anniversary


Nanuk "Harley" Mari 
March 10, 2005 ~ September 13, 2019

Harley truly was a superstar. She was our first Siberian Husky, my daughter's dog...the OG of FiveSibes...the love of Gibson...adoptive momma to pupsters Wolf, Chloe, and Bandit...our beautiful badass pack Alpha Queen...

Forever Missed. 

How can it be three years you are gone? You had the biggest personality of any of our dogs. You reigned the pack majestically, fiercely, and lovingly. May you be having those crazy Harley husky zoomies north of the Rainbow Bridge with all of your beloved FiveSibes pack family now...I can still hear and see your love of running and chasing your fluffy tail. I hope the angels are playing Fetch with you because you sure loved that game! No other dog I have ever known could play Fetch as long as you could! Miss and love you for always, our Harley Momma.  


  1. How has it been 3 years already? Run free Harley with the rest of the FiveSibes. Hug Dorothy. ♥

  2. Big healing hug on this difficult day. ♥

  3. It is hard to believe it has been three years. Hugs as you always remember your sweetie.


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