In Memory of Sassy, the Siberian Husky; Face of Sassy's Goodies & Gib Nibs Dog Treats


Remembering "Sassy," the beautiful Siberian Husky and face of Sassy's Goodies "Gib Nibs" Handcrafted Healthy Dog Treats & More


 It is always hard to learn of a beloved furfriend earning their, we are fondly remembering beautiful "Sassy" ~ Nanette Willis' beautiful Siberian Husky and the namesake to her dog specialty store based in Missouri (and online) for homecrafted healthy dog treats and personalized dog gifts, Sassy's Goodies.

"Sassy" with her little packmate sister "Bella" and hu-mom/baker and owner of Sassy's Goodies, Nanette, in 2018. Photo Courtesy of Nanette Willis.

Nanette at Sassy's Goodies have long been making tasty, healthy hand-crafted treats ~ from her pupcakes and pops, to pup ice cream and treats, and her goodies it has long been a favorite of ours, especially her limited edition treats: Gib Nibs, named after my heart dog and Epi-Husky, Gibson. It was back on Epilepsy Day 2018 they were debuted on Sassy's website.

Gib Nibs was forumlated after talking with Nanette, and discussing the specific needs of dogs with epilepsy and their specific diets, she created "Gib Nibs" based on my Gibson's diet!  She also donated a portion of sales to The Wally Foundation for Canine Epilepsy. All partiality aside, these were a favorite treat of my FiveSibes! I was so thrilled when Nanette came on board for #LiveGibStrong Canine Epilepsy Awareness and formulated these special treats, just in time for Epilepsy Day that year. If you'd like to read my blog post on the debut of Sassy's Goodies Gib Nibs, you can visit HERE.

This was the promo for the debut of Gib Nibs in February 2018:

It was also wonderful to have Sassy and Nanette on my show "The Sibe Vibe" that aired on Dog Works Radio (and can still be found on iTunes and YouTube) to talk about the treats and Sassy's Goodies...and yes, Sassy was right by her side during the interview!

If you never had the chance to hear the show, you can right here:

While Gib Nibs were a limited run and are no longer available, there are still so many healthy treats for dogs that Nanette still makes, and up until today, with Sassy by her side.

Today, as many of you know by now, was also the sad passing of Lance Mackey, the legendary musher who was a four-time Iditarod champion with his Huskies. I like to think that Sassy has joined up with him, North of the Rainbow Bridge, and that she meets up with her furangel packmate Nala, and together they meet Lance and join up with my FiveSibes, too. Oh, what an amazing run they will have together.

My heartfelt condolences go out to Nanette and her family on the loss of Sassy, and to Lance Mackey's family and his beloved Huskies. 

As any of us who have lost our beloved dogs know, they take a sizeable chunk of our hearts with them when they earn their silver harness... but, they will always be in our hearts. Sassy will be in not only be in her Nanette's heart, but also many others' who came to know her in person at the store in Missouri and at local events, and also to us out here, the many friends who came to know her name because her name was synonymous with healthy treats for our beloved dogs.

Sassy, run free in those forever snowy fields North of the Rainbow Bridge. There you will meet up with your sibemate furangel Nala and keep a watchful eye on your Hu-Mom, Nanette, and your packmates, Bella, Bentley, and Jake.

You will be missed.



October 2011  
 September 8, 2022


  1. That was beautiful gilr!! 😊

  2. We're very sorry to hear about beautiful Sassy and we send love and hugs to her special Mom.


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