#FlashbackFriday: Our Beautiful May Queen


Flashback Photo ~ Our Beautiful Alpha Queen "Harley" ~ May 2017

"As the music flows in my mind and soul, 
I dance around in the sun kissed fragrant fields, 
of wildflowers and tall emerald green grass. 
With a breath of life, the day is near, 
for I'm favored to be the prettiest maiden....
With a breath of life, I dance around the maypole
 favored for being the prettiest maiden, 
honored with being crowned May Queen."
~Eve Roper 
♥︎ Memories are Visits for the Heart. ♥︎ 


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Happy Friday!




  1. A wonderful flashback.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥

  2. I love that photo of Harley. So soft and fuzzy. ♥

  3. Such a beautiful flashback of Harley, she was magnificent!

  4. I love the photo of Harley! What a great flashback photo to share. Not to mention the beautiful memories it must bring up for you as we approach Mother's Day. I hope you can cherish all the wonderful memories of you gorgeous Fivesibes and have a lovely Mom's Day.

  5. Such a beautiful flashback of Harley! Those flowers really excentuate her beauty. May can be such a beautiful month. I'm really hoping that we are getting good weather to stay for a while.

  6. I love the photo of the May Husky, it is the sweetest thing ever and so memorable. Harley was such a beauty wasn't she? I know the USA must be so ready for some nicer weather now, I hope it arrives soon!

  7. What a lovely photo of Harley in her glory. Pretty lady! It's wonderful to recall the lovely happy times. They live on in our hearts forever.

  8. Harley was a beauty! This photo is lovely!

  9. Such a lovely flashback. We recall many great memories with our dogs all the time.


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