#FlashbackFriday: Oh, Gibbie!


Oh, my silly Gibson! To know him was to absolutely fall in love with him. There was not a person this big almost 100-pound fluffy boy didn't like. And when he loved, he loved deeply! He fell hard for Harley and was inseparable from her his whole life. He was my heart dog and my spirit animal. Gibson was truly a lover, not a fighter. Having Canine Epilepsy and all  the issues that goes with the medications and the disease, he was a vet frequent flyer, and boy did he love those wonderful and caring vets and techs. On walks, he'd lead me right over to the veterinarian hospital's back door! He especially loved it when the caring techs came to our house to give him laser treatments for his hind end weakness (due to the epilepsy medications). And my boy was a sucker for a pretty gal! He would ply them with his infamous Gibbie kisses! And they sure returned his love! Gibson was also quite the jokester! Yes, dogs most definitley can have a sense of humor, and my boy Gib sure did! Pictured above he is in one of his favorite positions! That boy loved to be upside down, his personals to the heavens! 

(PS - Gibbie was shaved for a surgical procedure to remove a growth).
To know my Gibson was to love him. He was one in a zillion.

I sure do miss my G-man. And I always will.

"Memory is a glorious grab bag of the past
 from which one can at leisure 
pluck bittersweet experiences 
of times gone by and relive them."
  ~Hal Boyle


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  1. Our Angel Little Bit loved being upside down too. She was our heart dog. What a wonderful post.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. Scritches to Wolfie and my best to mom. ♥

  2. Your Flashback Friday always brings tears to my eyes as you have such wonderful memories and sharing them is so unique. Sending you a big hug with love from Layla

  3. I Dad would have loved to meet that sweet Gibson!

  4. He was such a handsome boy and so very loved!


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