Pumpkin Picking Time! πŸŽƒ


Woo! It's our fave time of year here at FiveSibes -- Autumn! For today's #FlashbackFriday, we are not going too far down Memory Lane as this is from this year's season! My son-in-law and grandson planted a garden that included pumpkins, so we didn't have to go far for some pretty awesome ones, including a jumbo pumpkin!  Wolfie is all ready to go pumpkin picking, so come on along!

 "Woo! I spy a pumpkin or two, do you?!"

"Sniff-sniff. Woo...this one is call a snowball pumpkin. It's white like me! As a snow dog, this may be my favorite one!"

"I love it when my boy comes with me to check on the pumpkins! Woo! There's another one! See it?!"

"Wooooo! this is a big one! My hu-family can really carve or paint a whole scene on this one! I think they should make a Husky design - like me! I'd look good with my face on a pumpkin. What do you think?!"

"Woo. Well that was fun, wasn't it?! I love that we have our own pumpkin patch. Now they are picked and sit all around the front of our house as decorations until carving time! I love to eat pumpkin, too. Do you?"
Did you know...
 Pumpkin is good for dogs? Oh, woo, yes! Hu-Mom gives it to me. Go HERE to read my Hu-Mom's article all about this yummy fruit!

 And to leave you all with a little seasonal BOL moment...
here's one of our faves from cartoonist Scott Metzger:

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  1. I love autumn too. I love pumpkins and I love pups.

    It rained here this morning and it was wonderful.

    Have a woof woof day and weekend. ♥

  2. I'm kicking myself for not planting the pumpkin seeds I got in spring because pumpkin is a regular part of all the pet meals at the Ranch. It helps the fur-kids digestion and nicely camouflages some of the anti-epilepsy meds for Elsa. LOVE that snow pumpkin-soooo beautiful! πŸŽƒ


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