#FlashbackFriday: Life is Cool by the Pool


Flashback Photo ~ July 2019 ~ Wolfie

 So just last week we were talking on #FlashbackFriday about the FiveSibes relaxing in the snow as someone shared on social media just how many weeks until the snow flies...now while that will make a Husky very happy, the temps here after a nice few days break, has soared back up to humid levels. So what's a pup to do? Find various ways of keeping cool. This pic is of my boy Wolf enjoying their pool to keep cool. Now while Harley and Bandit were the true lovers of a pool party, especially our alpha queen Harley, you could not keep that girl out of a pool, my boy Wolf is more timid. He prefers to think of the pool as a big blue water dish! These days, he is still not too interested in the pool other than to dip his paws in, and then get right back out. Either way, a pool is a great way to keep a dog cool when outside in the summer. 


 "Life is cool by the pool!"  
~Unknown Author


Does your pet like to go in a pool?


 (You'll have to screenshot it!)


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  1. That is such a cute flashback!

  2. Wolfie is like Layla, she hates getting wet but will be happy to drink the water, I would love to sit in a pool on a hot day, love the cold water LOL

  3. Our Angel Little Bit didn't like to swim, but if it was shallow she would lay down on her tummy to cool off. A wonderful memory.

    Have a woof woof day, Wolf. My best to your mom. ♥

  4. That's a clever way to use the pool, Wolfie!


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