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Would you like copies of this important poster to share with others? You can download materials or ask for hard copies from our #Paws4Purple partners over at Purple Day® Every Day presented by The Anita Kaufmann Foundation! 

Details on how below!

 I'm super proud of my cooling down an Epi-dog poster and happy to know it has helped Epi-dogs across the world!

Great Resource for: 

✔︎ Veterinarian Offices

✔︎ Vet ER  Hospitals

✔︎ Rescues & Shelters

✔︎ Dog Wardens & Animal Control Officers

✔︎ Trainers

✔︎ Groomers

✔︎ Dog Walkers 

✔︎ Dog Parks 

✔︎ Pet Supply Stores & Boutiques

✔︎ Dog Friendly Businesses

✔︎ Police Departments

✔︎ Fire Departments 


To request FREE* printed copies, simply send an Email with #Paws4Purple Materials in Subject line and what you'd like copies of and how many, to:

 of the Purple Day® Every Day as Presented by The Anita Kaufmann Foundation 


To download or view online FREE, visit #Paws4Purple HERE

*All #FiveSibes #Paws4Purple materials on the #Paws4Purple site - including our Cooling Epi-Dog Poster, Bookmarks & Info Sheets are FREE. While not required, a donation to help the non-profit organization cover postage & printing is always appreciated. 


A special note of thanks to Dr. Arnold Rugg, founder of Kingston Animal Hospital and Gibson's lead vet for his expertise and input on this poster. Thanks also goes out to artist Cameo Anderson for her depiction of my beautiful Epi-boy, Gibson.  


 As part of our FiveSibes blog redesign and site reduction, this info, as well as our #LiveGibStrong K9 Epilepsy Online Library, will now be on one of our PAGES, listed at top of blog! Be sure to check out all of our PAGES tab for lots more info! ~FiveSibesMom 


  1. That's really a nice tool. Your header sure is pretty!

  2. Thank you for sharing his valuable poster. We keep a stash of ice packs in the freezer just for seizures and this really has helped. Love the new blog look! 💜💜💜


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